Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Show + Tell :: This Little Piggy

March 21, 2017

So we survived winter storm Stella. She came and she conquered - and she left us with 14" of heavy snow. We have two driveway, one for the garage and one for the front. Hubby decided to not fully blow the front and instead left a path large enough for someone to come to the front door. The snow blower was not too happy with all the ice it had accumulated.

Last month I took a class with Timna Tarr on improvisational piecing. At the end of the class I had about a quarter of the quilt. I turned it into a baby quilt for a friend's daughter who is having her second baby due in April. Perfect timing.

Front of "This Little Piggy"
Back of "This Little Piggy"

Improvisational quilting is hard, there is no guide nor instruction. I often find myself saying, "Just take these two fabrics and sew them together, and let's see what happens". Half of the time, I'm struggling with which fabric to choose, the other half I'm over thinking the whole process. It's a challenge.

It's finally done. It needs a wash and then it will be on it's way to Buffalo, NY.

For the back - most of the fabric came from leftover from the "Fox Run Nebula" quilt. This made piecing the back quicker.

Title: This Little Piggy
Dimension: Approximately 37" x 41"
Materials: Kona Solid Cotton and commercial prints
Method: Machine pieced + machine quilted
Date completed: 03.2017
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Winter Storm Stella :: Snow Day Sew Day

March 14 2017,

Happy belated new year. I'm ashamed that this is my first post of the year.
Really, I've been doing stuff - but my laziness got the better of me.
I do have a long list of excuses I could share, but then, those are just excuses.

Winter storm Stella is on her way. It's 9:00 am, and thus far, there's really not much on the ground. Yet again, it's just the first few minutes of a 9 - 12 hour ordeal.

Bread - check.
Cold cuts - check.
Chocolates - check, check, and check.
Junk food - check.
We only need the essentials - and I think if we were stuck for the couple of days, chocolates would surely be enough for hubby and I, me to live on.

I have just finished 8 or so small wall hanging. Below is my final one, which I am hand appliquéing. I then need to create sleeves for all the quilts. Just in case the electricity goes out, which it never does, I have hand work stuff to do that will keep me busy for days to come.

What 'cha doing today?

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Monday, December 19, 2016

'Nuf Said :: Epic Fail

December 19 2016,

My first topic of bitching is this catalog. This is a 666 page catalog from Restoration Hardware that measures, 9.5" x 11" with a thickness of 3/4". Nope, I've never shopped there nor request a catalog. This one just shoves it in your mailbox - and luckily my poor mailbox did not fall off. What a waste of paper this catalog is... but luckily it states that the paper came from "responsible sources" and that it is "promoting responsible forest management. Umph. If it really was "promoting responsible forest management" they wouldn't have sent me this, because I did not ask for it.

If you do want to buy something for me, you can gift me this beautiful crystal chandelier on page 426 (not that we have any place to hang it). No seriously, just the chandelier would do. :)

But wait... there's more (there's always more right). One Saturday a few weeks ago, Laura (an artsy fartsy friend) had me come over and do some art. She has a collection of funky magazines. So we spent the whole day cutting up stuff and gluing things. Below is my final creation. Hey, I can use the Restoration Hardware catalog to make me art! Unfortunately, the catalog is mostly in brown and beige hues (boring) - I like colors. I'll keep it for a month and see if I am inspired to do something with it, or else it is going to be recycled.

So below is the end result of the day of art.

Below is Laura's piece of work. She called it "Divorce". Interesting.

But wait... there's even more bitching. I ordered a bunch of stuff for a friend for Christmas, approximately 8 small items. This is one item that came. You notice the packaging? They should get an epic fail for this. It is so wasteful in many ways. This could have just been put in a small padded envelope safely, it's not fragile or breakable. A big box that is at least 100 times it's size?

But wait... there's just one more bitching.

This house is down the road from us. I can't help laughing how the home owner's put this poor rodeo snowman in the middle of their yard (we don't know who they are, so we can make fun of them). Yee haw! It really looks silly. They could have put it near the entrance of the house so that it doesn't look silly. But smack in the middle of the yard with no other decorations?

Bah humbug. I'm in a bitchy mood.

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Show + Tell :: Expletive Series

December 12 2016,

* Note that this post may be offensive to some readers *

Okie dokie. So I got inspired to make this series.
The first thing I did was mark my quilting lines with a clover hera tool. This tool is one of my early quilting purchases and is very useful for marking straight lines without actually marking it with ink or chalk. It creates a crease in the fabric.

I am going to detour a bit here. This is the fabric for the back that I used. I noticed how similar it was to the picture in the kitchen. The picture was bought at a yard sale for $15.00. I don't know why I love it - but I just do.

As I was pinning the three layers together, I noticed that the backing fabric did not feel right. Half way through the pinning, I went to my fabric closet and looked through the fabrics and realized that a bunch of them had not been washed. So I washed them. Yes, I washed probably 40 yards of fabric total - and in reality, all I needed was about 1 1/4 yard of fabric. It is one of my pet peeve that the fabrics be washed. I am asthma, so I don't know what dust is on the fabric before it gets to my closet, so I make sure it all gets washed. So below is the pile of fabrics that I washed.

I quilted it 1/2" apart.

Next I looked for a font I liked and printed it on paper and cut it out.

Next, I placed them on the fabric and pin it and cut it out (sorry no picture).

Then I pinned it on the background fabric and basted it. Yes - I can fuse it and such - but I prefer to do it the old-fashion way.

Here is a more detail picture of the basting.

 Now the final results - I created four quilts.

I know, I know, it's so 2000.

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Monday, November 28, 2016


November 28 2016,

Hubby and I were driving back from NY when we receive an email from a lady who was in my quilt guild. She wrote, "Just wanted to congratulate you on having your quilt in the Simply Modern magazine."

My first reaction was yeah, she must have the wrong person. Then I got more and more excited... maybe my quilt is really in a magazine. As you can tell, I had no idea at all. Since I was driving, hubby googled the magazine. We decided to detour to the big craft superstore which was about 5 minutes off the highway. We popped in and popped back out, they didn't have it. Hubby said let's try B&N which was 2 miles away. I had my doubts that B&N would have the magazine, but low and behold they did!

I flipped through the magazine and didn't have to go far, it was like on page 6. And there it was, my "I Love Love Love" quilt taking a full page! One full page! It was simply unbelievable.

Lucky me, B&N was offering 30% off everything.

So there, my first quilt in a magazine. I am smiling from ear to ear. Oh, the quilt was in the article because they were showing quilts from the VQF show, twelve quilts to be exact.

I have a funny story that goes with this quilt. I received a yellow ribbon (88-91 points) for this quilt, I received 90 points. Two out of the three judges did not understand why this was a "modern" quilt. One wrote, "Quilted feathers are not modern + do not enhance this modern aesthetic" and another wrote, "not sure why this is a modern quilt". After the show, I looked back at my entry form to make sure I had checked "modern" as the category, and I sure did. What do you think? Is it modern or traditional or what? I guess now it really doesn't matter, well I guess it does... because a modern magazine included it in their magazine!

Click here for the full write up on this quilt when it was finished.

Vital statistic of the quilt.
Dimension: 62" x 59"
Materials: Cotton Batik, Dream Cotton, Dream Wool
Method: Machine Pieced + Machine Quilted
Machine quilted by: Jean Konopacz of JK Threads
Date completed: 09.2015

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Show + Tell :: Blue Moon

November 14 2016,

What a productive weekend I had. I finished this medium size wall hanging. This quilt was inspired by Timna Tarr's quilt called "Yolk Music" and "O Happy Day", but I used my own spin. This is the same fabric that I used for "Dotted Lines I" and "Going On A Trip II". I have a few more yardage left of this material, expect to see this fabric pop up in other of my works.

Hubby + I decided to make the binding the same as the background (acid green fabric) instead of the blue. I think if the binding was blue, it would have been too much blue. I also ran out of the blue, and didn't feel like buying more fabric.

Some people have asked me how I choose the size of my quilts. For this one, I made it to fit one of the wall in the house. So no, there is no special magic number or anything like that.

Title: Blue Moon
Dimension: 41 1/2" x 75"
Materials: Cotton Batik
Method: Machine Pieced + Hand Appliqued + Machine Quilted + Hand Quilted
Date completed: 11.2016
Quilt & Bitch

ps. Thank you Laura for coming up with the title.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Show + Tell :: Dotted Lines II

November 12 2016,

Another small quilt with fine line piecing.

With this piece, I was experimenting with the purple fabric as the background, and the orange as the insert piece. Also, I was trying to see how skinny I could make the insert piece. 

Title: Dotted Lines II
Dimension: 12 1/4" x 13"
Materials: Cotton Batik
Method: Machine Pieced + Machine Quilted
Date completed: 11.2016
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