Friday, February 13, 2015

Show + Tell :: In Motion

February 13 2015,

My latest quilt is call "In Motion". These little squares were started sometime last year. These fabrics are the same ones that I made for the Starburst and Sunburst quilt. I love that fabric, and I bought many yards of it. I soon realize that I have to move on.

These are 2" unfinished and 1.5" finished quarter square triangles. Below you can see the progression of the quilt.

Cutting the quarter square triangles into the correct size

My collection of blocks

The start of the layout

I stack them up on the cutting board and placed rulers and wood on top of it so it would not get messed up.

My columns numbered

Pressing open all the seams

Title: In Motion
Dimension: 59" x 48"
Materials: Cotton Batiks
Method: Machine Pieced + Machine Quilted
Date completed: 02.2015

The final result

Detail of "In Motion"

Detail of "In Motion"

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Unneighborly Neighbor

January 29 2015,

The blizzard of 2015 dumped us 2 feet of snow.

In our cul-de-sac there are 6 houses.

We are friendly with three of the five houses, which leaves us not being friendly or social with two of the remaining houses. Out of the six of us, there are four snow blowers.

The unspoken rule is while the snow blowers are going, the participants who were not snow blowing would go around and shovel each other's walk way that the snow blowers can not get to. 

One neighbor (Mr. + Mrs. Piece-Of-S***) with whom we do not really talk to does not have a snow blower. What they do is piggy backs on the neighbors to snow blow their driveway. In the past years, they would come out when the snow blowers were in full force and they would pitifully start shoveling their driveway by hand.  As a result, either our neighbor from across (let's call her Ms. Run-Me-Over) from the street or hubby would feel pity for them and go and snow blow their driveway. Note that they only helped shoveled the walk ways / stairs once since we've been here.

So on Tuesday I had told Ms. Run-Me-Over not to snow blow Mr. + Mrs. Piece-Of-S***'s driveway. Ms. Run-Me-Over ignored me and snow blowed the driveway.

Guess what. Mr. + Mrs. Piece of S*** did not even come out to help or anything! They stayed inside the whole time. The next day, Ms. Run-Me-Over cleared their driveway again because there were a few more inches of accumulation - and again no thanks, no nothing.

Interestingly later in the day the two neighbors saw each other, and the Mrs. Piece-Of-S*** didn't even make the effort to say thank you. WTF?

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Show + Tell :: Orange Peel


Welcoming the new year with a finished quilt.

This quilt is titled "Orange Peel". This quilt took longer than expected, it took approximately 2 years to complete. It was more left to the side than being worked on. Let's say, it's finally done. Good riddance.

Dimension: 57.5" x 42"
Materials: Cotton Batiks
Method: Hand appliqued + hand quilted
Date completed: 01.2015

In Progress

Front of quilt

Detail of quilt

The quilt in the front entryway

The quilt now hangs in the front entryway. It compliments the red Ikea table and the red rug.

Off to working on another one.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More Things To Dust

January 6 2014,

Happy New Year to all and all a wonderful, healthy, prosperous new year.

The day after New Year's I spent three hours so called "glass blowing". Below is the end result.

A scalloped vase.

A paperweight.

I found a Groupon on glass blowing and on a whim decided to take it. The class was fun. It was more like 10%  30% hands on and 60% watching the instructor do the pieces for us, 30% 10% socializing. It was fun while it lasted. Spent $100.00 on the class + $20.00 on materials and got me two glass things to dust. Pretty aren't they?

Next week I have another glass fusing class I'm taking through an adult ed course. Fun!

A start to the new year, and a hopefully soon to be new hobby. Before you know it, I'll have a kiln in the garage!

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Stick This Up Your Behind

December 13 2014,

Just came back from the grocery store after picking up some ham and bread.

As I walked down the bread aisle, I noticed a guy with a cart had a bottle of orange juice that was jutting partly out of the bottom part of the shopping cart. When I say the bottom part - it's the part where you put heavy or bulky stuff like water bottles or toilet paper.

I asked him if I could push the orange juice into his cart so that it was not sticking out.

He's response was, "If it's bothering you... sure."

I pushed the bottle of orange juice and walked on.

The reason for my interference was that I had imagined somebody walking and not noticing the orange juice and kicking it and hurting their shins and making a mess if the orange juice bottle were to spill all over.

I expected a "Thank you" or a "Good idea" from the guy, but instead it was a "Whatever" reaction.

What I really wanted to do was shove that bottle of orange juice up his you know what.

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Friday, December 12, 2014


December 12 2014,

I got an email yesterday from QuiltCon saying something along the lines that my two quilts I submitted were REJECTED. No really, I'm not at all annoyed or pissed or upset. I wasted spent $60.00 to enter the quilt ($25.00 for membership + $35.00 for quilt entry). Carry on, carry on.

Another rejection came from hubby. We had been working on tiling the fireplace. Measuring, scoring and cutting the tiles. Ever since this fireplace project started, hubby kept on saying something along the lines of, "When are you going to do the fireplace?" This question and / or sometimes statement has been going on for months.

I was hesitant to take on this project so I kept on saying that I wasn't going to do it. And usually what happens is that we'll tackle it together.

Yesterday I knew we were going to tile it. So I asked him, "When are you going to do the fireplace?" He blew up. I then said, "It was a joke. You keep on asking me when I'M going to do the fireplace this whole time, and now when I ask you the same question, YOU can't take it?" So that was that.

He did the fireplace with none of my help. Now every time I look at this freakin' fireplace, it will give me a sewer sour taste. Whatever. For right now, we're not on talking terms.

We'll see how the grouting goes today.

Before tiling

After tiling
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Went to Heaven...

December 4 2014,

Last month we went to Niche Modern semi annual glass blown lighting sale in Beacon, NY (near Fish Kill). We took a one day trip, three hours south and three hours back.

When hubby first showed me the pendants that they made, my jaw fell. My jaw fell further when I saw the price list.

They are stunning, elegant, and beautiful.

I investigated and saw that they had a semi annual sale (this was in July). So I patiently waited from July till November. It was a very long wait.

We made it a trip to go to NY to save some dough. The sale happened on the second weekend of November and was a factory sale - which meant seconds and showroom clearance. They were either 50% off or 80%.

At the end of the trip, we came back with 5 glass blown pendants - even though we only needed two or three depending on the configuration.

The pieces are absolutely stunning. They are made in Beacon, NY - and the owner Jeremy Pyles was also there.

We're waiting for a canopy for the dining room so that we can hang these beautiful pendant. We have spares just in case we break one or two of them. We did not buy the canopy from Niche Modern, due to the cost, but found something comparable.

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