Saturday, May 19, 2018

Show + Tell :: Congrats Jack!

May 19 2018,

Two years ago, I had bought the K. Fassett striped fabrics. Two years later, I made a quilt out of the fabrics. This was a difficult quilt for me to make because I did not know how to use the striped fabrics. I spent many hours trying to figure out what quilt to make wit this fabric.

After searching on the internet for a design, I stumbled upon this website. Bingo. With about a month and a half, I decided to cut the pieces on the larger side.

I think it would have been much prettier if the pieces were smaller, but I had no time.

Below is the bed quilt for Jack who graduated from college in December, but is walking this month. Jack's sister received a quilt for her high school graduation a few years ago. Her's was the "Fox Run Nebula".

To sandwich and pin the quilt, I placed it in between the opening of the dining room and the living room. It fit perfectly.

This is the back of the quilt. It consisted of fabrics that I won at my quilt guild auction, also two years ago). 

This yellow and orange fabric also appears in the "Fox Run Nebula" quilt. This is the other half of the fabric that originally came from their grandmother, my mother-in-law.

The quarter square triangle was what I had originally started making 2 years ago, and stopped, because I realized the design was not how I wanted it to be. This was because the stripes on the fabric confused me and made it look busy.  So instead of discarding it, I put it onto the back of the quilt.

Title: Congrats Jack! (for Jack)
Dimension:106" x 97"
Materials: K. Fassett shot cotton fabrics
Method: Machine Pieced + Machine Quilted
Date completed: 05.2017

Congratulations Jack!

On another note, I realize that the fabrics sit for a average of 2 years before it gets made into a quilt.

Quilt & Bitch

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Show + Tell :: Fly

May 12 2018,

Another week, another quilt. This one is a quilt for charity. A member of our guild requested quilts for a camp in Maine that provides "a retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families."

Here is my contribution. It's an oversized log cabin with inspired from Gee's Bend quilts.

Here's the back of it. Most of these pieces again are fabrics from other quilts. You see the lime green down arrow block? That block was the test block for the "Directionally Challenged" quilt. 

Title: Fly
Dimension: 69" x 80"
Materials: Commercial fabrics
Method: Machine pieced + machine quilted
Date completed: 05.2018

Quilt & bitch

Monday, May 7, 2018

'Nuf Said :: What's That Print?

May 7 2018,

I just finished putting on the first coat of stain on a stair thread. I put the stain on a rag, wiped in on the wood and wiped it right off. Then I realized that I should read the instructions because it had been a while since I stained something.

Guess what? I can't read it. The font was too skinny and small. WTF?

This reminded me a few months earlier when I had to stain and polyurethane the threshold between the hallway and the bathroom. The same thing happened, I couldn't read it! I had to take out the magnifying glass, squint a bit, turned it here and there to be able to read it.

Here's the instructions. Can you read it?

I don't know why the manufacturer did this. It doesn't make sense. Making it's time for reading glasses for me.

Here's the final result of the threshold. Pretty.

Huffing + Puffing.

Quilt & Bitch

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sitting Pretty :: Postcards from the Arnold Arboretum

May 6 2018,

I went to the Arnold Arboretum this morning before the rain came. The lilacs were almost in bloom. This year, spring came much later than normal. I enjoyed a morning cloudy walk with a few runners and walkers around. It was a quiet and gentle morning.

Here are more Lilac pictures from previous years.
May 2017
May 2015
May 2012

Happy Spring!

Quilt & Bitch