Tuesday, September 19, 2017

'Nuf Said :: End of Summer Blues

September 19 2017,

I've meant to write about these for some time now. Here are just a bunch of jumbled up thoughts that I would like to share.

The summer sure went by fast and the first sign of fall is upon us.

In our kitchen we installed modified recessed lights when we switched from CFL to LED.

After a few months or so I noticed dead insects in it. I asked hubby to try to take out the dead insects. Unfortunately there is no way to open the unit up, trust me, I called the manufacturer. There are tiny holes approximately 1/4 inch that you could try to shake the insects out - but there was a risk of breaking the wires. R.I.P.

These LED lights are "recessed kit" where you can use your existing older recessed kit and screw in this LED "bulb" or part. If you don't mind seeing insects hanging out for the next 15 years or so in your lights, this is the way to go - easy peasy. No electrician needed and at a low cost. If you do... you may want to change the housing can (please consult your electrician on this, I am in no way an electrician).

Early this summer, one town over, there was a building that only had it's "bone" and the outside was being supported by wood.

This past month, I drove by it again,  and was surprise to see how it had transformed. Kudos to the builder who maintained the outside of the building and rebuilt everything else on the inside. I bet the builder got less resistance from neighbors because he or she maintained the look of the building.

Still sticking to tear downs or partial tear downs, this house below was originally a one story. The attic of the house was demolished in early spring.

And below is what it looks like today. They added a second story to the house without affecting the foundation. It doesn't look bad. There are more houses in the area where the builders just make it look like a milk carton, no character, no nothing, and just plain boring and ugly.

Here's another house that is currently being demolished. It is also a one story house, approximately 1,222 square foot. This house has been on the market for at least 7 years. I don't know why no one wanted to buy it. The owner had originally bought it for around $700,000, at the peak of the market, and the last time it was listed for $610,000. I don't know if it has been bought / sold or what.

As of earlier this week, this is what is left of the 1222 square feet. I wouldn't be surprise if a Mc-Mansion pops up here... something that is 4000 square feet. For those who are not familiar with the term "McMansion" here is the definition from google. "A large modern house that is considered ostentatious and lacking in architectural integrity." 'Nuf said.

But wait... there's more, of course there is always more right? Ok, one more thing.

We switched our pretty dining room lights (read more about it here) to LED's.

We had used appliance light bulbs (A15) so that we could many bulbs into the glass - and back then, in 2015, the Edison vintage looking light bulbs were expensive.

Fast forward to today - I happened to see it online, of course on sale, LED A15 light bulbs. I bought them and switched them. It wasn't dimming as well. After a few days of the light bulbs scattering all over the place, I researched "LED dimmable not working".

Turns out there is a solution. There is a toggle (up and down) on the switch itself that you can adjust.

I took out my handy dandy screwdriver, unscrew the face plate, squinted a bit and saw the toggle. Played with it and told hubby that everything was working. Tadah. Oh I'm so smart.

I realized I never took a picture of the three niche modern lights that we bought. Pretty aren't they? They are a bitch to clean. And with me sewing in the next room over, it is often covered with lint. Windex and newspaper once a week.

Now we have 8 LED light bulbs that look vintage-y. Success.

'Nuf Said,

Quilt & Bitch

Quilt Show :: Blogger's Quilt Festival :: Fall 2017 :: Going On A Trip II

September 19 2017,

I took a small hiatus from Amy's Blogger Quilt Festival, the last time I entered was the Fall of 2015. Then she went to Instagram, which I don't do, so now I'm back.

So this was a fun quilt to make. It uses Kathleen Loomis technique of "fine line piecing". There are three fabrics used here. One is the Robert Kaufman Artisan Batik Model Geoscapes 4, and the other two are the Hoffman 1895 batik fabrics. Yes, those small lines are all pieced into the fabric.

This quilt also won a "blue ribbon" (95 - 97 points) at Vermont Quilt Festival, "Best Graphic Quilt" and "Judges' Award" (Judge Christa Watson). Yes, I'm pretty proud of her.

09.23.2017 - After a bunch of comments about wanting to see the closeup of the quilt, below are close up of the quilt. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, silly me!

 Vital Statistics of the quilt:

Title: Going On A Trip II
Dimension: 73" x 84"
Materials: Cotton Batik, Dream Cotton Batting
Method: Machine Pieced + Machine Quilted
Date completed: 09.2016
Shown At: 2017 Vermont Quilt Festival, Essex Junction, VT
Shown At:  2016 Connections Quilt Festival, Nashua, NH

Monday, September 18, 2017

Show + Tell :: Old McDonald Had A Farm...

September 18 2017,

Here's my newest quilt. It is a fun improv baby quilt. I spent a week thinking about it and I started making pieces. Then on Sunday I panicked and realized that I needed this to be done in a week. So on Sunday I finished the top and the back and on Monday spent 3 hours machine quilting it.

I had a hellish time getting it started - but once i had pieces here and there, it was easier to assemble. I worked with big chunks of fabrics so it would go faster. It looks busy, but it works.
Front of quilt
Back of quilt



Here's a blurry picture of my work area. I work on the floor, so I had to do a lot of up and down between the sewing machine, the ironing board and the cutting area. And boy, are my thighs sore today - what a workout!

Here are the difference pieces that I had before I started piecing it all together.

Title: Old McDonald Had A Farm...
Dimension: Approximately 42" x 54"
Materials: Kona Solid Cotton and commercial prints
Method: Machine pieced + machine quilted
Date completed: 09.2017
Quilt & Bitch

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My Summer Vacation 2017 :: Part Seven

August 29 2017,

** Note: This is the ninth section of a nine part blog **
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My Summer Vacation 2017 :: Part Seven

Okie dokie. The city of Lowell had a "Summer Celebration" celebrating quilts.

On a beautiful day, I decided to visit the area.

My first stop was the "New England Quilt Museum" where the museum was displaying, "The Best of the Region's Quilt Guilds".

Boston Modern Quilt Guild, Natick, MA
Boston MQG, "Trailblazer"
Quilted by Gwen Marceline & Allison Coe

I really love the one below, her color choice and the quilting is superb.

Hannah Dustin Quilters Guild, Hudson, NH
Janice Kagenski, "Hillside Houses"

Detail of "Hillside Houses"

Detail of "Hillside Houses"

Narragansett Bay QA, East Greenwich, RI
Tina Craig, "Ombre' Pyramids"

Wayside Quilt Guild, Sudbury, MA
Anne Messier, "Nature's Garden"

Detail of "Nature's Garden"

Ninigret Quilters Guild, Westerly, RI
Pat Harrison, "Himself"

Detail of "Himself"

Material Girls Quilt Guild, Leominster, MA
Nancy Sullivan, "Remembering Cecil"

Cacheco Quilters' Guild, Dover, NH
Carol Barstow, "I Refuse to Lose my Marbles"

Detail of "I Refuse to Lose my Marbles"

Quilters' Connection, Waltham, MA
Mike "Mac" McNamara, "Hands of the Goddess"

Herring Run Quilt Guild, Norwell, MA
Kathleen Lavallee, "Bali Wedding Star"

Detail of "Bali Wedding Star"

Detail of "Bali Wedding Star"

Hammersmith Quilt Guild, Saugus, MA
Sally Clapp, "Midnight Fantasy Garden"

Detail of "Midnight Fantasy Garden"

This one below was interesting. Again, I like her use of colors and the half square triangles make the points pop out.

Cape Cod Quilters, Brewster, MA
Patricia Curry, "Christmas Pickle"

Detail of "Christmas Pickle"

Clamshell Quilt Guild, Waterform, CT
Alice Means, "Starburst"

Detail of "Starburst"

Merrimack Valley Quilt Guild, Haverhill, MA
Louise Robitaille, "Stars for a New Day"

Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod, Harwich, MA
Quilted by Cecilia Macia

Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild, Mendon, MA
Karen Fraser, "Primitive Garden"

Amoskeag Quilters Guild, Manchester, NH
Donna McDowell, "In the Golden Years"

Detail of "In the Golden Years"

Heritage Quilters' Guild, Manchester, NH
Martha McCarthy, "North Pacific; aka North Atlantic"

Ladies of the Lake Quilting Guild, Wolfeboro, NH
Dawn Thurston, "Floral Fantasy Sampler"

Burlington Quilt Guild, Burlington, MA
Pat Kowalczyk, "My Quilting Journey"

Detail of "My Quilting Journey"

Yankee Quilters, Franklin, MA
Sarah Brewin, "Had to have it, finished it, never again!"

Detail of "Had to have it, finished it, never again!"

Detail of "Had to have it, finished it, never again!"

Pine Tree Quilt Guild, Augusta & Waterville, ME
Carolee Fields Withee, "A Crazy Quilt Landscape"

Detail of "A Crazy Quilt Landscape"

Detail of "A Crazy Quilt Landscape"

Rhododendron Needlers Quilt Guild, Walpole, MA
Sue Goldstein, "Six AM"

Detail of "Six AM"

My next stop was the Lowell Telecommunications Center where Allison Wilbur was exhibiting her work.

"Traditional Sashiko and Kasuri"

"Barnacle Bill"

"Massachusetts Sashiko"

Haru (Spring)

My next stop was the "The Brush Art Gallery & Studios". The exhibition was called "Little Black Dress".

The piece below is wonderful and is very powerful.

Nancy Crasco, "The Most Important Little Black Dress in America"
"Organdy and silk organza with inkjet and linoleum printing"

Detail of "The Most Important Little Black Dress in America"

Detail of "The Most Important Little Black Dress in America"

Detail of "The Most Important Little Black Dress in America"
First Row

Detail of "The Most Important Little Black Dress in America"
Second Row

Detail of "The Most Important Little Black Dress in America"
Third Row

Tricia Deck, "Moonlit Night"
"Fabric, batting, thread"

Detail of "Moonlit Night"

Heidi Proffetty, "Dress me up"
"commercial batik fabrics"

Detail of "Dress me up"

Detail of "Dress me up"

Jill Kerttula, "Treasure at Dawn"
"Custom and commercial fabric (felt, tulle, organza) yarn"

Detail of "Treasure at Dawn"

Detail of "Treasure at Dawn"

Sandy Gregg, "Structures #1"
"Cotton fabric, MX dye, machine quilting"

Detail of "Structures #1"

Detail of "Structures #1"

Sue Bleiweiss, "The Dress"
"My own hand dyed cotton (black & red), cotton thread"

Sandy Gregg, "Structures 10"
"commercial cotton fabric, fabric paint, machine quilting"

Detail of "Structures 10"

Janis Doucette Sexton, "The Barbie Project- the Political Black Dress"
"cotton, digitally composed and printed and paper doll dress"

Detail of "The Barbie Project- the Political Black Dress"

Next was at the Whistler House where they were showing "Contemporary Art Quilts 2017" I had the whole exhibition to myself.

Susan V. Polansky, "Los Companeros"
"Original photography, fabric collage, paint, machine sewing"

Detail of "Los Companeros"

Wen Redmond, "The Sweet Press of Remembered Moments"
"Hand painted, old letters, teabags, ink drawings, silk organza, cottons"

Michele O'Neil Kincaid, "Poppies"
"Original photography, cotton and commercial fabrics, silk, ribbon, rayon threads, hand beaded"

Aryana B. Londir, "In A Heartbeat"
"Cotton, machine pieced and machine quilted"

Valerie Maser-Flanagan, "Three Figures"
"Hand-dyed and commercial fabric, machine pieced and machine quilted"

Sandy Gregg, "Channeling Ernst Haeckel 3"
"Painted silk and non-wovens, machine quilted"

Detail of "Channeling Ernst Haeckel 3"

Nancy Turbitt, "Queen Bee Says No to GMOs"
"Commercial silks, cotton, batik, hand dye, beads, fabric marker"

Detail of "Queen Bee Says No to GMOs"

Betty Busby, "Growth Factor"
"Silk, digital printing, non-woven material, machine stitching"

Nancy Crasco, "Sea Weed Garden"
"Linoleum prints on taffeta and silk organza, machine pieced, hand-quilted"

Sarah Carpenter, "Ode to Iceland"
"Photo printed on silk, machine quilted"

Detail of "Ode to Iceland"

Marilyn Belford, "The Wrath of Poseidon"
Cotton fabric, wool batting, fusible applique, machine quilted"

Sue Colozzi, "Sunset from Little Island"
"Cotton, batik, silk, organza, tulle, thread sketching"

Madalene Axford Murphy, "Insight"
"Cotton, silk, organza, hand-stitched, perle cotton"

Detail of "Insight"
Detail of "Insight"

Well folks, summer is almost over - hope you all had a great summer as well - till next year.

Back to the grind of things.

Quilt & Bitch