Sunday, April 23, 2017

Show + Tell :: Into the Light

April 23 2017,

Here is a quilt that's a blast from the past. I didn't make the top. My friend Laura who is also an artist of many mediums, made this top for her boyfriend ages ago.

Laura is the one who did this collage a few months ago.

Laura's collage - entitled - "Divorce"
Back to the story. When I say "ages ago" it is defined as approximately 41 years ago. So when Laura was 18, she made this quilt for her then boyfriend in Marimekko prints. OMG. Let me say it again, Marimekko prints. I drooled over the fabrics when she showed it to me 5 years ago.

Now she's moving. She dug it up from her closet and allowed me to finish it. This was about a week ago. Silly me, with nothing (yeah right!) much in my life going on, I tackled this project. Ta-dah all done.

I quilted it with white Aurifil 50 weight thread and approximately 4" apart. Simple, plain, nothing fancy.

I titled the quilt "Into the Light" because this quilt has been forgotten in the back of a closet for many years - and it has finally come into the light. Since she is starting a new chapter in her life, she is also coming "into the light".

Title: Into the Light
Dimension: Approximately 67" x 86"
Materials: Marimekko prints
Method: Machine pieced by Laura + machine quilted by Q&B
Date completed: 04.2017
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Show + Tell :: Dear Alexandra

April 19 2017,

Hey - yet another quilt. I'm on a roll this month.

This quilt was actually created this past winter and I only now have the chance to take a picture of it outside.

Many years ago - I promised her and her little sister a quilt when they graduated high school. So here's the quilt for the older one. Deep down, I regret making this promise because I don't know if she will appreciate it. Back then (probably 5 - 6 years ago) I could see the happiness in their eyes when I said this. As time progresses - her family and ours have gone astray - but a promise is still a promise. I probably will never know how she feels about this gift - but hopefully she treasures this and it doesn't end up at goodwill.

The blocks are quarter square triangles. The quilting was relatively simple, in the ditch and half an inch to the right and left of the ditch.

Front of quilt

Detail of quilt

Back of quilt
Personally, I think the back of the quilt is more interesting than the front of the quilt.

Title: Dear Alexandra
Dimension: Approximately 71.5" x 100"
Materials: Commercial Cotton Prints
Method: Machine pieced + machine quilted
Date completed: 12.2017

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Show + Tell :: Directionally Challenged

April 14 2017,

Are you a person who has a hard time distinguishing your rights from your lefts? Hey you are not alone. There are a lot of us who don't know our rights and our lefts and we often devise a way or shortcuts or tricks to help us figure our rights from our lefts. I am often embarrass, but I've realized I'm not the only one.

So here is a quilt that celebrates our imperfection of not knowing our rights from our lefts.

That's a fun story right?

It really all started out when I was driving on I-95 from Rhode Island back to Boston and I saw these big right arrow signs to indicate that the road was turning right. Light bulb goes off - a quilt! Thus, the creation of "Directionally Challenged".

I wanted badly to quilt the lines using a ruler foot - but I did not have the tools. There is a newish technique where you use a different foot, and a special ruler and you can do ruler work on your domestic sewing machine. Read more about it at Amy Johnson's site.

The problem is that I went as far as getting the part for my machine - but I didn't get the ruler. The ruler is relatively expensive, so I was waiting to see if I could get it on sale. I'm a cheap-o, but the quilting could have gone much faster. Instead I turned the quilt in every which direction I needed to quilt. All in all, I have gained some upper arm muscles from all the work out. Luckily I used the Thermore Polyester batting, so it was as light as a feather.

Three quilts in a month! I myself am impress.

Title: Directionally Challenged
Dimension: Approximately 52.5" x 52.5"
Materials: Kona Solid Cotton
Method: Machine pieced + machine quilted
Date completed: 04.2017

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

'Nuf Said :: United Airlines

April 12 2017,

Ok. This is a great case study for business school - yes, in business school we love case studies of companies who f*cked up.

Questions - 
So what went wrong?
How should it have been handled differently?
Who is too blame for this?
What was the financial implication to United?
How would you have handled it?
What would be a proper compensation for the passenger who got injured, and the other passengers who was on board the plane?
What steps can United take to recover in this public uproar?
Comment on this quote - "Put One's Money Where One's Mouth Is."

Will you fly United ever again? Lucky me - we don't fly that much.
"Never say never." Justin Bieber featuring Jaden Smith

They done screw up.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sitty Pretty :: Postcards from NY Botanical Garden

April 9 2017,

Previous posts from the New York Botanical Garden.
September 2013
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This year, we went to the New York Botanical Garden again to see the orchid show. Again, it was spectacular! I can't wait to see the next exhibition of Chihuly which runs April 22 - October 29, 2017.

This year's theme for the orchid was Thailand, thus the two elephants below covered in moss with orchids on top of them.

Now the photo below is one of my favorite plant in this garden. It is call the Ceratostema rauhii (Ericaceae) - Peru. I love how long it is, and occasionally - you'll see the leaves turn blue or green. I say hi to it every time I visit this place.

Oh, and below was my breakfast. Bagel, bacon and two eggs over easy. Burp.

Happy Sunday!

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Show + Tell :: Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

March 27 2017,

A college friend had a baby last December. I did not have the time till now to make a quilt. This did not take long - but it is still a process.

Front of quilt

Back of quilt

Zoom zoom - off to make another quilt.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Show + Tell :: This Little Piggy

March 21, 2017

So we survived winter storm Stella. She came and she conquered - and she left us with 14" of heavy snow. We have two driveway, one for the garage and one for the front. Hubby decided to not fully blow the front and instead left a path large enough for someone to come to the front door. The snow blower was not too happy with all the ice it had accumulated.

Last month I took a class with Timna Tarr on improvisational piecing. At the end of the class I had about a quarter of the quilt. I turned it into a baby quilt for a friend's daughter who is having her second baby due in April. Perfect timing.

Front of "This Little Piggy"
Back of "This Little Piggy"

Improvisational quilting is hard, there is no guide nor instruction. I often find myself saying, "Just take these two fabrics and sew them together, and let's see what happens". Half of the time, I'm struggling with which fabric to choose, the other half I'm over thinking the whole process. It's a challenge.

It's finally done. It needs a wash and then it will be on it's way to Buffalo, NY.

For the back - most of the fabric came from leftover from the "Fox Run Nebula" quilt. This made piecing the back quicker.

Title: This Little Piggy
Dimension: Approximately 37" x 41"
Materials: Kona Solid Cotton and commercial prints
Method: Machine pieced + machine quilted
Date completed: 03.2017
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