Saturday, November 16, 2019

Explorations :: September 2019 :: You Had Me At... Kusama

November 16 2019,

In the end of September, Institute of Contemporary Art / Boston opened "Kusama Love is Calling". My friend Laura, the friend who does artsy fartsy stuff with me, and the one who comes up with most of the titles of my quilts, took me for a lovely day of outing.

She's the one with the ICA membership. So we were able to secure two tickets on opening member's day, and we went.

I was in heaven. Two and a half minutes immersed in colors, shapes, circles, dots, sound. I had goosebumps the whole time I was inside. The top I was wearing complemented the room. There were five of us including the "gatekeeper".  

This artwork was purchased by ICA, and is a permanent collection of the museum.  It is on exhibition till February 7, 2021. But because the museum has bought this artwork, shouldn't it be forever? Here's a great article by WBUR about "Love is Calling".

One more thought, Yayoi Kusama should be called the "Queen of Instagram".

This painting, I love, by McArthur Binion.

Imagine having the space to work on canvases this big, and to be able to hang it. Vivian Suter's colors speaks to me.

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Explorations :: May 2019 :: Rose Art Museum

November 8 2019,

Just a little on the late side.

At the Rose Art Museum, at Brandeis University, Howardena Pindell's artwork hung. Wow.

Again, these pictures do not give it justice.

For this one, I'm not sure whether the title is correct or not. 

There was also a movie there called "Free, White and 21" available on youtube.

For better pictures, check out the image library of Howardena Pindell courtesy of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Here is her official website.

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