Sunday, February 7, 2016

'Nuf Said


I want to share this text with you all.

This text came from a 12 year old boy to hubby. This boy loves to play Mindcraft. A year ago, hubby lent him a computer to use (we don't expect it back, it was just parts from other computers put together).

So here goes the text.

"While me and my mom were going over my report card for school,i  got As andBs. But i asked her if we can speed upp a bit because i have to do other stuff. Then she managed to get realy mad and pulled out the cords in the computer. it wont turn on. I pluged them in, bade sure they are secure, idk what else to do"

The computer could not be revived, so it's dead

Pay attention to the wording of the 12 year old.

'Nuf said.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Show + Tell :: Who Doesn't Like Cotton Candy

January 25 2016,

So in my previous post I showed you my work area while working on a quilt for a friend who is going through chemo. She loves pink, thus the color choice. I came up with the title because the thread I had used for the quilt "I Love Love Love" was from Superior Threads was called "Cotton Candy".

So below is the finished top. It's the method that I learned from Kathleen Loomis call fine line piecing. I took Kathleen's method and made it my own. Note that you'll see more of the fine line piecing method in my next few quilts.

I contacted my quilter (Jean Konopacz of JK Threads) and since she knows the friend also, Jean offered to quilt it for free. Jean said that a fleece back would be more comfortable and cozy, so we went with that. Thanks Jean for quilting it, binding it, sending it off to the post office.

(Picture courtesy of Jean Konopacz)

(Picture courtesy of Jean Konopacz)
Below is a detail view of the quilt. Isn't the quilting beautiful?

(Picture courtesy of Jean Konopacz)
I always wanted to know how long a quilt takes. I decided to time myself. I bought the timer from Amazon.com. It was the only timer that would go upto 99 hours. It's the Marathon TI030017BK.

So I messed the timer a few times, including dropping it from a chair. If you do buy this, put masking tape on the back of the battery cover, so that if you do drop it, the battery cover will not pop out and reset itself. So the total time for the quilt top that measures 80x42 took 22 hours and 23 minutes, plus or minus 30 minutes. Note that the quilt top was made in 5 days, and yes I did sleep.

Sometimes I would forget to start the timer, sometimes I would forget to stop the timer. Sometimes I would reset the timer by accident. So this 22 hours and 23 minutes does not include fabric shopping. So that's only the top. If we did not use fleece for the back, it would be another 10 hours for the back (because I never do a simple back right?) Then you have to include the time or cost for the long arm quilter, then the stitching of the binding and the hand sewing of the binding.

I came across a a few other breakdown for cost and would like to share it with you.
- From Turtle Dove Quilts 65" x 65" = $941.51
- This one has been floating around the interweb = $888.26
- From Kathy in Flickr 65" x 65" = $852.65

If you have more time, read this article it's pretty interesting.
- Quiltonomics: The Real Cost of Quilts

Now think about it. The next time somebody gives you a quilt, think of the many hours it took them to make. Please cherish the quilts and love the quilts, because quilts are very time consuming and are made with love.

Now go make somebody you love a quilt.

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Even More Dirty Little Secrets


So yes, we did not win the Power Ball, and what that means for us is we can continue hoping and dreaming. $14.00, spent and no return.

In other news, since last Sunday, I have been crazily working on a quilt for a friend who is going through chemo. Her favorite color is pink.

So here's a sneak peak of the work area. I decided to post this because a friend of mine came over to our house and was very surprise how crude the sewing area was. I could feel her pity. My excuse was that I was suppose to move into a bedroom, but that had gotten postpone because of water damage from new year's eve. It was really just an excuse, but it is the truth. She felt sorry for me that she offered her unused sewing table. Hopefully by this summer, the sewing room will be ready for me to occupy (home improvement projects for us tend to take a while - hey, we're doing most of the work ourselves).

So for the last five years, I've been moving around the house sewing.

Here's a compilation of my past sewing area setup.
May 2012 :: Dirty Little Secret
July 2012 :: More Dirty Little Secret 
March 2013 :: Falling in Love + A Bitching Session
  the one above was when I was sewing on the breakfast counter.

So that was then, and this is now.

So this area is similar to the area set up from the post "Dirty Little Secret". Notice the Chinese New Year decorations on the mantle, Chinese New Year is coming on in February 8th.

Below is my cutting area, and yes, it's on the floor. I can't cut properly on a table. And us Asians are use to working on the floor, so it's more comfortable for me to cut on the floor.

This is the sewing area. And yes, that's the new machine (about 2.5 years old now). Because the bench was designed not for a table, but for a bench, the height is not right. So hubby put a box underneath the mofo sewing machine, and it raised it up just enough that I don't have to hunch down. The sewing machine is a Janome 8900 (SE - special edition). The only difference is the red face cover. :)

Notice to the right of the sewing machine is a thread spool? Because of the height of the sewing machine, I had to put a plastic take out container to raise the thread spool up to the right height. Simple, but effective.

This corner is my ironing area. If I'm ironing smaller pieces, I'll do it on the floor. See my $5.00 Rowenta iron there? It's still working, but I think it's about to give up on me. The ironing board is for staging the quilt I'm assembling, and ironing larger pieces. This board would usually live in the dining room under the breakfast counter with the quilt on it when I don't need it.

Another view of the cutting area.

Well, that's done for now, off to cleaning the area and to clean for the new year. My next post will probably be the final result of the quilt.

Now go make a mess.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Good Riddance 2015!

January 2 2016,

Happy New Year All!

The year 2015 was pretty good until the very last week.

Here's what happened.

The trunk of the car got bent because I backed out of the garage with the trunk still open while the garage door was still opening. It's going to be about $800 to fix.

Traveled 1500 miles between Boston and New York in the last week. We first went to Boston - New York and then back for Christmas. We had to come back to Boston because we had an overnight guest. Then I volunteered to co-pilot a 27 foot moving truck from Westchester to Buffalo, NY. So we were back in New York. So here's the calculation.

182 miles = Boston - Westchester New York
182 miles = Westchester New York - Boston
182 miles = Boston - Westchester New York
380 miles = Westchester New York - Buffalo, New York
380 miles = Buffalo, New York - Westchester New York
182 miles = Westchester New York - Boston

But it did not stop there.

So we were back in Boston on December 30th at 11:00 pm. On the December 31st, the overnight guest who were with us earlier that week had come back to pick up their luggage. And when they went into the room, the floor was went. The freakin' humidifier tube that was attach to the furnance in the attic had popped open and flooded the floor of the attic, which was the ceiling of the bedroom. F*CK. Yup.

Because we had be gracious hostess, we had to entertain our guest till they left. We started cleaning the attic at 6:00 pm on the 31st.

So that's that. We still don't know how much damage to the ceiling, but we pulled out all the insulation and sucked the water with a wet vac.

Good riddance 2015!

I'm so pissed off, that the Christmas tree and the holiday lights are all packed away and I'm getting ready for the Chinese New Year.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Field Trip :: Mass MOCA + Fuller Craft Museum

December 16 2015,

On a whim, my friend and her husband and I went to Mass Moca (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) at North Adams, MA.

First and foremost, you need a map. The museum is not as big as the MFA, but it consists of multiple buildings, and multiple levels. We kept on getting lost and unexpectedly finding new galleys and hallways as we explored the grounds. The museum spans across multiple warehouses.

At the entrance, we were greeted by a BMW. This BMW is a collection point for Lego's for Ai Weiwei's art project. Here are a few articles that may be of interest.
- From the Boston Magazine ::  Mass MOCA Is Collecting Legos for Chinese Artist and Activist Ai Weiwei
- From Mass Moca's website :: Ai Weiwei: Lego Collection Point
- From The Washington Post :: Lego collectoin sites pop up around the world to support Ai WeiWei

Interestingly, the sticker on the front left hand corner of the BMW is from our town, which is affluent. This sticker is needed in order to go to the dump or recycling center. Yes, we do have to take our trash to the dump, we do not have roadside pick up like our neighboring towns do. On a side note, we don't live in the mc-mansion area, but rather in the area where the houses are smaller.

So far there's only bits of legos that have been collected. Keep in mind, this was only launched sometime last month. There was a bunch of duplo legos, I wonder if that's what the artist have in mind.

01.13.2016 - Update. Here's an interesting article about Lego versus Ai Wei Wei
- From BBC News :: Lego changes bulk buy policy after Ai Weiwei backlash 

On exhibit was "Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective". These walls are huge. I mean huge. They are so cool and unexpected.

I was attracted to the composition below. I love it because I see a quilt in it. Um...

Below is the exhibit call "Walk in My Shoes". From far it looks like a 3-D painting. But when you walk closer, the paintings consist of socks. It's scary looking, but cute in a sick way.

I also went to the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA.

This museum is tiny and cute. I saw a bunch weird craft, and below were a few.

The main reason why I went to the museum  was to see "Art as Quilt:: Transitions in Contemporary Textile Media".

"Cutchogue Sunrise" by Christina Blais

"Nocturnal City Lights #3" by Valerie Maser-Flanagan

"Below the Surface" by Pamela Druhen

Detail of "Below the Surface" by Pamela Druhen

"Crevices #9" by Valerie Maser-Flanagan

"Spool Party" by Susan Polansky

Detail of "Spool Party" by Susan Polansky

"The Myth of Meditation" by Sharon McCartney

Detail of "The Myth of Meditation" by Sharon McCartney

"Tutti Frutti Neighborhood" by Susan Bleiweiss

"What Are You Trying to Say" by Sandy Gregg
While I was there, they were installing the exhibit "Toothpick World: From Silver to Skyline". This is amazing. These things are made of toothpicks. I think that's Fenway park.

Hopefully this post has inspired you to make art. Now go make art!

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