Monday, January 15, 2018

Sitting Pretty :: American Folk Art Museum :: War and Pieced :: Part 2

January   2018,

I think below is my favorite.

There is also a book called "Wartime Quilts: Appliques and Geometric Masterpieces from Military Fabrics" by Annette Gero. My friend also purchased the book for me.

Here is an article from the New York Times about the quilts at the Folk Art Museum.

Here are a few more pictures not related to the quilts but the journey.

My friend who works in downtown is very familiar with the subway system in NYC, and I am not. So he zips in and out of the crowd to catch the subway. There were so many people that I was worried I would get lost. So I grab a hold of his coat and tugged along.

At one point when I thought that I was safe, and he starts running. I was lagging behind 20 feet. Luckily I noticed that he started running, and I started running. I bet 'cha that if I hadn't run I would have missed the train, and he would have left me behind. He has been known to leave people behind... that's another story.

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