Sunday, November 19, 2017

Renovation :: Bedroom Hallway

November 19 2017,

"Let's work on the area in front of the guest bathroom" my husband said on Monday afternoon.


A little bit of mudding, patching, painting, cutting trim, painting. It's easy peasy.

Turns out that instead of doing this one wall, we ended up doing the whole hallway.

This was the one wall we planned on working on.
When we hired contractor 7 years ago, they f***ed everything up. We had asked the contractor to take out a small piece of carpeting underneath the door trim. Big mistake. They teared everything down and when they put back the stuff up - it was a shotty job. The contract had indicated that they should leave the walls in ready-to-paint condition - of course, that was not the case.

So Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent fixing the hallway. With Christmas music in the background, we worked on fixing the hallway. I have realized that I often paint while listening to Christmas music. Even though it is still early in the season, it created the perfect mood for renovation.

Don't judge my messy laundry closet.

Due to the coldness of the garage, I setup painting the trim and baseboard in the dining room and in the hallway on saw horses. It worked out pretty well.

By Saturday, we have a finished hallway. Pretty.

Don't look too closely at the mitered corners.

And here is the wall that started it all - all fixed up.

The only thing we had to buy was rollers. Each roller costs $4.00. A hefty change. Everything else we had, including the paint for the wall. For the wall above - we had to strain the paint because there were a lot of gunk in it - so I took my mother-in-law's stockings and cut the leg off and used it to strain the paint through. For the other walls - we used the same color as the living room, because we still had a can of it - Sherwin Williams Greek Villa SW 7551. I love this white color. It is a beautiful white. Not too white and not too beige. I think it's the perfect white.

Our next project will be a big one. Hopefully hubby will start on that really soon. It's more involve and scarier.


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Friday, November 17, 2017

Sitting Pretty :: Currier Museum of Art

November 17 2017,

On my way to dropping a quilt at a quilt show in NH, I detoured 30 minutes north to the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH. This was a really cute museum, and I appreciate the way they hung the artwork.

Ron Kent, American, born 1931
Post Nuclear Series, 2000
Norfolk Island pine

Michael Lucero, American, born 1953
Anthropomorphic Male Teapot with Hat (New World Series), 1993
Earthenware with glazes

Jennifer Bartlett, American, born Long Beach, CA, 1941
lives and works in New York City
11:00 PM, Air Series, 1992 - Oil on canvas
"This painting is part of Bartlett's Air Series, for which the artists photographed still life compositions of her personal belongings at each hour of the day and then painted the results. Notice the hand written "Reminders" about making this series scattered across the canvas - 'mostly turp for 2nd grid medium' and 'always start alongside crumpled money bills and drawings by her child portray the interrelationship between Bartlett's art making and her everyday life."

Fred Wilson, American, born the Bronx, New York, 1954
Iago's Desdemona, 2013
Murano Glass

Glenn Ligon, American, born Bronx, New York, 1960
Invsible Man (Two views), 1991
Oil and gesso on canvas

Yes, the picture below is a painting not a photograph.

Richard Estes, American, born Evanston, Illinois, 1932
Baby Doll Lounge, 1978
Oil on canvas

 Frank Stella, American, born Malden, MA, 1936
lives and works in New York, NY
Sinjerli, Variation I, 1968
 Acrylic on canvas
That's me below.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Mexican-Canadian, born Madria, Spain, 1967;
"Big brother is watching you"

Karl Zerbe, American, 1903 - 1972
"Landscape with Letter"

Richard Estes, America, b. 1932
"Gingko Tree"

Robert Indiana, American, b. 1928
"Autoportrait 1963"

Will Barnet, American, 1911-2012

Jeanee Redmond, American, born Belmar, NJ, 1954
"Science", 2005

Vincent van Goh, Dutch, 1853 - 1890
"Le Moissonneur (d'apres Millet), 1889

Walt Kuhn, American, born Brooklyn, New York 1877 -
died White Plains, New York 1949
"Lancer" 1939

Pablo Picasso, Spanish, 1881-1873
"Woman Seated in a Chair" 1841

Paul Signac, French, 1863- 1935
"Le Musior (Port d'Antibes)" 1918

Georgia O'Keeffee, America, 1887 - 1986
"Cross by the Sea" 1932

Lilla Cabot Perry, American, 1848-1933
"The Black Hat" 1914

Childe Hassam, American, 1859 - 1935
"The Goldfish Window" 1916

Below are paintings by Monet. The one below gave me chills.

Edmund Charles Tarbell
"Summer Breeze" 1904

John Singer Sargent
"Grace Elvina, Marchioness Curzon of Kedleston" 1925

William McGregor Paxton
"Poster for The Boston Sunday Herald, March 17th" 1895 Litograph

Hiseog Cgrustuab Ketebdejer
"Poster for The Century, August" 1896

I love this room below. Love the way the pictures are hung. I love the blue. Oh my, wouldn't I die to have a room like this.

Things they were selling at the gift shop.

I drove two blocks around the museum, and found the neighborhood to be really charming. Old victorian houses, full of character.

If you get a chance, do stop by the museum, it is one nice museum that is not too overwhelming.

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