Monday, February 23, 2009

Stop Breaking Like A Girl!

February 23, 2009

Went today to play pool after seeing a client who was in the area. I finally figured out how to break really well. I sunk 3 balls in, which is a first. I'm trying really hard to break like a "guy", and I finally got it.

Rob Saez was also there. He's a pro and plays pool for a living. We talked to him, and he really seems like a very down to earth guy.

(Above: Rob Saez playing)

We watched him play, and his opponent left himself in a bad spot and ended up scratching, trying to get around for position on his last ball. Rob won the match (ball in hand), and Rob turned around and told his opponent that he should have hit it with a lot top spin.

Rob was just trying to be helpful, and the guy just blew him off. As Rob put it, "the guy's just a creep". For goodness sake, you're playing a pro, in a nickel and dime weekly tournament, and the pro is willing to give you tips, you at least listen!

(Above: Rob shooting and "Creep" watching)

I had brought a cheese cake to Snooker's to give it to a friend (Mike) who loves cheese cake. Turns out that he didn't show up (he was stuck turning wood). So I asked Rob if he wanted the cheese cake and he said sure. Mike's loss and Rob's gain.

*Update February 25, 2009 * Turns out that Rob forgot the cheese cake and somehow Mike ended up with it. I don't have the full story, but I am a bit confused and how Mike ended up with it.
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