Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nothing to See, Nothing to See

April 1, 2009

Below is a cue case that I made about a year ago after I got my cue. The case has 3 compartments, one for two shafts, and the other two compartments are for the two butts. It comes with a padded strap. The only thing missing, which I don't need, are pockets. The nice thing with cloth cue cases is that it is not heavy, and since I made this one, it is guaranteed that there is no other one just like it.

(Above: Custom made cue case)

Below is the original fabric.

I always liked the gecko / lizard design. So when I saw the cue below, I told hubby that I liked it, and he proceed to purchase it. Yeah, yeah, it ain't a custom cue, but the balance and the weight of this cue feels really good.

(Above: McDermott M74A Pearl Gecko Limited Edition Cue)

Remember the blocks I was making, the one with the Koi fishies and the yellow star? I am currently in the middle of quilting it. So far, the machine is behaving well, no skipping stitches, no thread jam, no disengaging of the bobbin housing (knock on wood). This machine will be getting the "motherboard" replaced soon (at no charge - thank God), so it'll be in the shop again.

(Above: Quilt in the process of being quilted)

Quilt & Bitch

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adhesive remover said...

ah yes... the legendary Lizard Case... very nice, I love the colors

that koi print fabric is very pretty