Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Pool Drama

August 19, 2009

This is an update about the raffle that occurred this past weekend.

In my previous post, I talked about a guy being pissed, let's call him Mr. B. Apparently Mr. B. had four of his friends / players give him entry fee cash and then Mr. B. turned around and wrote a check to the tour director for 5 entries into the tournament totallying $300.

Rumors have it that Mr. B. feels that because he brings friends and players into Mr. Tour Director's tournaments, Mr. B. is entitled to something. This something turned out to be that he wanted the Mike Webb raffle cue. Mr. B. wanted Mr. Tour Director to rig the raffle outcome so that Mr. B. would gaurantee a win.

Mr. Tour Director had no desire to rig the raffle and put me in charge of all aspects of the raffle. So, surprise surprise, the raffle was not rigged. Mr. B. blew a gasket (a huge one) and was really pissed.

The next day, Mr. Tour Director tried to cash the check from Mr. B., turns out that there was a stop payment to the entry fee check from above. In conclusion, I guess Mr. B. was really pissed because the raffle was not rigged.

Damn, if I was going to rig the raffle, guess who would have won the Webb cue?

The Webb cue was a donation from the cuemaker and a generous one. It is a shame that one jerk can ruin so much?

But I guess life wouldn't be exciting without these gossips, rumors and drama queens.

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