Friday, October 2, 2009

Missing in Action

October 2, 2009

Thank God it's Friday. This week has been one of those stressful week where I am glad to say yipee it's Friday.

My mother and her sister, my aunt, was in town last weekend. I think that says it all.

How stressful is it for you when your family is visiting you?

Quilt & Bitch


p00lriah said...

yea...q & b is back!

i thought verizon kidnapped you for lambasting them about their customer service. :-P

Quilt+Bitch said...

p00lriah - ha ha ha. If only I was so lucky to have verizon read my blog. :)

p00lriah said...

u never know. ever watched that movie Eagle Eye? :-P

Quilt+Bitch said...

Yeah, I've watched Eagle Eye, bad movie, really bad.