Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quilt Show :: Quinobequin Quilters 2010

March 28, 2010

Yesterday I went to a local quilt show call held by a guild call Quinobequin Quilters. Below are a few of my favorites from the show. I wish they did not pin the information of the quilt on the actual quilt, I find that it takes away from the quilt.

(Above: Yoga Ladies, machine pieced, machine quilted by Beth Green)

(Above: Heatwave, hand pieced and quilted by Kathy Whelan)

(Above: A close up of Heatwave)

(Above: Liberated Leaves, machine pieced, machine quilted by Caroline Blair)

(Above: A close up of Liberated Leaves)

(Above: Around a Circle, machine pieced, machine quilted by Diana Galson-Kooy)

(Above: Radiance, machine pieced, machine quilted by Ginny Such )

Beautiful aren't they?

One of my pet peeves about quilting is when a quilter takes the time to hand piece a quilt top and then decides to machine quilt the quilt instead of hand quilting it. I believe this takes away from the meaning of the quilt. I am not knocking off machine quilting, I do machine quilting myself, but when many hours are put into a quilt top, why not carry the technique forward?

Quilt & Bitch


p00lriah. said...

where's q&b's quilt?

Quilt+Bitch said...

Hey p00lriah,

I am not a member of the guild, I'll probably be joining this particular guild this coming fall.

Stay tuned.

p00lriah. said...

guild? what's that? is that something where people with names like aragorn and arwen go to?