Monday, May 16, 2011

Scrabble New 3000+ Words

May 162011,

Thanks to p00lriah, I have the list of new words. They are available here.

Here are some of my favorite words from the new list, items in red are my thoughts / reactions to them.
  • SOZ - short for sorry
    • I wonder how one would use it in a sentence. How would you use the word "soz" in a sentence?
  • GRRL - as in RIOT GRRL, a young woman who plays or enjoys an aggressively feminist style of punk rock music.
  • MILF - a sexually attractive middle-aged woman
    • I think this is an abbreviation for something else that is totally not appropriate for me to spell it out. But here's a link to Wikipedia for the full definition for those of you who are interested.
  • SLEB - (slang) a celebrity
  • VLOG = a blog using the medium of video
    •  I wonder if the word "blog" is in the scrabble dictionary
  • BIACH - (slang) a bitch
    • Maybe I should rename this blog as "Quilt and Biach", what 'cha think?
  • DOOCE - to dismiss (an employee) for unguarded remarks published on the Internet
    • For those of you who do Face Book or My Space - be careful or you might get dooce by your employer if you say the wrong thing.
  • KOGAL - (Japanese) a teenage girl or woman noted for her busy social life and her purchase of expensive designer clothes and accessories
    • I wonder if the definition means a Japanese teenage girl or woman or does the definition mean that the origination of the word is Japanese. Can I call somebody who is not Japanese a kogal?
Source: Sutton, David. "New Collins Scrabble(r) Words Initiation Kit, January 2012." WESPA. WESPA Dictionary Committee. 2012 Edition <>.

I have no idea if I cited the above correctly, but it's cited.  

According to the news, the reasoning for these new words / slang is so it attracts the younger generation to play Scrabble. I think that's just a bunch of bull-cack (cack is also a new word in the dictionary which means faeces, rubbish).

What do you think?

Quilt & Biach


p00lriah. said...

man, there are some raunchy words in there! i personally don't think vulgar slangs should be in the scrabble though; they're not standard english.

i don't think you should change your blog name. "b~*" also means complaining, on top of "a mean female" and a "female dog". if you change it to bia~*, you'd lose that fun little triple meaning. (hey, if you ever get a girl puppy you can easily include it in your blog!!)

Quilt+Bitch said...

I agree p00riah, some of these words just shouldn't be in the Scrabble dictionary. What were they thinking?