Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How Do You Read a Compass?

August 24 2011,

Yesterday we decided to move our furniture around in our living room after almost a year of moving in. The push for the musical chair was an introduction of our new television. I finally caved in and decided that it was time for a new flat screen television. Our old one was 17 years old, and we could no longer read the text on the screen because it was so blurry.

The compass comes into play because we had to figure out the best direction according to the ba gua diagram. We are only allowed to face certain directions and avoid others. For us, the best directions are East, Southeast, North and South. For more information on what your kua number and the best direction is, check it out here. Between hubby and I, we have the same kua number, so we did not have to worry about mixing different directions. For those of you who have significant others, and the kua numbers do not match, the kua number you should base the direction on is the person who makes more money.

So we took the compass out, and had to look up how to use one. I guess hubby never went to boy scouts to learn this life saving technique. Because the compass was really old, we weren't sure if it was telling us the true direction. So we went to a site that integrated google maps with a compass and figured out the old thing was not whacked.

Then we figured each direction meant in degrees. Each direction has a compass reading. For example, Southeast is between 112.5 degrees - 157.5 degrees.

As a result of this, we now have the television the opposite side of the fireplace at a corner, and the couch is at an angle with the back towards the fireplace and directly opposite the television.

It looks awkward, and when people look and flinch, we'll just blame it on the feng shui.

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