Saturday, September 10, 2011


September 10 2011,

Hubby and I were at a store where we bumped into a friend. He paid for his items and were given his change which included three pennies. We proceeded to exit the store where he picked through his change and threw out the three pennies he was given.

My jaw dropped. I had the urge to save the three pennies that were thrown, but I couldn't. I couldn't say anything and I couldn't do anything.

To me, pennies are still as precious as a nickel or a dime, and a lot of pennies can still buy you something. I collect all our loose change in a piggy bank, and every few years, I empty them at a coin star and redeem it for a gift certificate.

What do you do with your pennies? How do you feel about people throwing out pennies?

Quilt & Bitch


p00lriah. said...

i just spend my pennies, i don't save them or throw them away.

if your friend doesn't want them i'll take them!

Quilt+Bitch said...

If I could tell him to save them for me, I would. Unfortunately, I think he would just hand me a $10 bill and say, "Here."