Monday, June 4, 2012

Quilt Show :: Quilters' Connection 2012

June 4 2012,

This weekend was the Quilters' Connection 34th annual quilt show.

Below are a few of my favorite quilts from the show.

"Blues and Jazz"
"This is one of four quilts that evolved last summer, when I revisited basic dyeing techniques.
This was an experiment in over dyeing-solid colors with indigo.
A shibori technique called arashi, or pole wrapping created the stripes."
By: Carol Anne G.

"Man and Nature"
"Images from my photos, dover books, stamps. Paper, paint, thread on cotton fabric."
Gladys A. P.

"Postcard from Mexico"
"Based on a collage of photos taken during a trip to Mexico"
By Sandy G.

"Dye painted, arashi shibori, pieced, fused, raw edge applique, machine quilted"
By Diane F.

"Leaves Indigo"
"A collaboration by Linda and Elaine for a show at the Falmouth Artist Guild. Hand dyed and shibori indigo cottons, indigo dyed wool roving. Machine pieced and machine and hand applique."
By Linda G. + Elaine H.

"Out There"
"Having fun with shapes, fusibles, threads and of course fabric!
Machine quilted with metallic threads and embellished with crystals."
By: Gail J. D.

"Perky Pineapple"
"I was inspired to make a pineapple block to use my many stash strips.
As the quilt blocks got bigger, I thought the strips were multiplying in the bin.
I still have 1/2 a box of left over strips.
By: Linda R.

"The Cave of Machpelah"
"Abstract representation of the burial place of the patriarchs. Uses hand-dyed and commercial fabrics.
By Michele K.

"Lotus Seed Pods"
"Lotus seed pods look so prehistoric, almost a lien, how wonderful it would be if they were full of color."
By: Laima W.
"Inle Lake"
"A study of reflection."
By: Rita A.

Here are my two pieces that I put into the show. This year I got a great space. It was in the main auditorium and the pieces were almost side by side. It was absolutely spectacular to see these two pieces side by side. My pieces did not sell, and neither did the Buin's nor Red Sox quilts. Only a few quilts were bought at the show. I had 73 wine bags, and I came home with 68 wine bags. How sad is that?

"Quarter square trinagles displaying a star burst in the sky that fizzles in the landscape"
By: Q&B

Back of Starburst

"Quarter square triangles displaying a burst of sun light and the warm glow it creates in the clear blue sky."
By: Q&B

Back of Sunburst

Quilt & Bitch


Michele said...

Thanks for the lovely quilt pictures :-)

Quilt+Bitch said...

Hi Michele,

You're welcome. All these quilts are much prettier in person!


p00lriah said...

i had 73 wine bags, and i came home with 68 wine bags. how sad is that?


Quilt+Bitch said...

se la vie.