Saturday, August 25, 2012

Painting Party Part 2

August 25 2012,

Last December we (hubby + I) had a painting party and started painting interior doors. This summer, we finally got the motivation to pretty up some closet doors around the house.

It took us 23 days from start to finish to do 4 pairs of sliding doors and two sets of bi-folds. It took 23 days because at first we only had 2 pairs of saw horses, and could only do one pair of doors at one time. Then our neighbor suggested using yard trash barrels. So we set up 4 trash barrels in the garage so that we could do one more pair of doors.

Note that these pictures are not that great due to lighting. But you'll get the idea.

The room below was painted with Benjamin Moore Aura paint, with paint color apple pear (2026-40). This room contains 3 sets of sliding doors. We used 2 quart of paint cans to cover the doors, 2 coats for the back and two coats on the front.

The room below was also painted with the Benjamin Moore Aura paint with the color yellow highlighter (2021-40). This room contained only one pair of sliding door, and we only needed one quart of paint. We had to buy the closet doors for this room because we accidentally threw out the doors during one of our clean up spree.

We also painted our hallway bi-fold doors that hides the washer and dryer. This paint color is Benjamin Moore Citrus Orange (2016-20). Note that because the lighting in the hallway is florescent, the colors here look darker. If you have incandescent lights, then the colors will be brighter.

Below is the bi-fold doors for the master bedroom. I chose this color mainly for feng shui reasons. Red is a good color to have in the bedroom where couples sleep. This color is Benjamin Moore red (2000-10)

Note that all the doors were painted with a satin finish. Now that all the closet doors are done, we just have to tackle a few more interior doors. We won't do that until most of the construction in the house is done.

Hubby calls the doors "G's fruit stand".

Stay tuned for the next painting party results in a few months maybe years.

Quilt & Bitch


p00lriah said...

so that's what u guys have been doing!

Quilt+Bitch said...

Yup, and some quilting too! Yeah, we've been MIA for a little while.