Friday, October 26, 2012

Quilt Show :: Bloggers' Quilt Festival :: Fall 2012

October 26 2012,

Welcome. This will be my fifth time participating in Amy's Creative Side Bloggers' Quilt Festival.  Thank you Amy again for organizing this event.

I would like to share this quilt call Sun Burst that was created in 2012 for the Quilter's Connection quilt show in Massachusetts.

This quilt measures 86" x 59" and contains 840 quarter square triangles that measure 2.5" each. This came after another quilt called Star Burst.

This quilt transformed after playing with a bunch of quarter square triangles and I noticed that Batik fabrics can create an illusion of shadows, without having to try hard.

I started creating this particular quilt by making quarter square triangles. I had an idea of what I wanted, but did not have a real plan. I just sewed as many quarter square triangles until I had a lot. A lot would be 500+ pieces.

I then took the individual 2.5" squares and started designing the quilt on my "design board", also known as the floor.

Once the quilt was designed, the fun part was piecing them all together without making a mistake. There are a few mistakes, but because of the busyness of the quilt, it is hard to tell which ones are really "wrong".

Sun Burst
Detail of Sun Burst
Detail of Sun Burst
The back of the quilt consists of orphan blocks and left over pieces of fabric. The back was created without a design in mind.

Back of Sun Burst

Enjoy the rest of the show and thanks for stopping by.

Title: Sun Burst
Finished quilt Measures: 86" x 59"
Quilted by: Concessa Shearer (professional quilter)
Best Category: Favorite Art Quilt, Favorite Wall Hanging

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Kate said...

Very pretty! Love all the bright colors you used.

Leanne said...

Wow, this quilt is amazing!

Eileen said...

Fantastic quilt. So vibrant and love how it swirls around. Thanks for sharing and have a great day

Rachel said...

Very interesting play on color. Love it.

Patti said...

This is a fantastic quilt! Love how the colour moves over it!

PaintedThread said...

I am always awestruck by someone who can create something so randomly beautiful. I can't seem to let go like that. It's a wonderful quilt!

Pomegranate Quilts said...

Remarkably precise quilting for a great quilt. You must be ecstatic!

CitricSugar said...

It's gorgeous! Looks like mosaic tile.. I love it.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Such a great effect!! Beautiful

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Wow, what a gorgeous quilt! I love HSTs and you've used them in a great way!

DiannaJessie said...

I love triangles and your quilt colour play is so clever - well done

Laura said...

Wow! A lot of work in this quilt. Great color and piecing.

sonia said...

Amazing! Both the front and the back!

Celeste said...

Just PERFECT!!!!