Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update

October 29 2012,

So far so good. Branches all over the yard, the leaves all gone from the trees.

Today was actually a pretty productive day. Spent the day watching television and cleaning the house.

We just had a ten minute black out. As soon as the black out occurred, I called our utility company to inform them of the outage.

We live in Wellesley. This town is amazing. This town has it's own municipal plant, unlike many of our neighboring towns. When there is an outage, it is immediately addressed. Not only electricity issues, but down trees which affect the roads, the crews immediately show up and start cleaning the debris.

Kudos to the people who work for the town, I thank you for being attentive and addressing issues during storms.

We've only been in this town for two years, and we've only had two outages so far. The last town we were in, we had so many outages that went for hours and hours.

Let's see what tonight has in store for us.

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