Friday, April 26, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened This Morning...

April 26, 2013

It's only 9:45 AM and two funny things have happened to me thus far.

I was driving down a residential road with a golf course next to it. All of a sudden, I see something flying. At first I thought it was a bird, but it's motion was not of a bird. As I got closer, I realized it was a golf ball. You know what I did? I ducked my head. The golf ball missed the car by 2 feet as it was bouncing on the pavement. I laughed at myself because my natural reaction was to duck and protect my head if something hard was about to fall onto my head. I forgot that I was in the car, and the roof would have protected me anyway.

The second incident also happened on a residential road. It was a one lane on both direction road. In the middle of my side of the road, there was a lady standing in the middle of the road waiting for her dog to sniff a telephone pole. She was not budging. I honked lightly at her to tell her to get out of the road and onto the sidewalk. She looked at me and propped herself on the grass trying to balance on her tip toe all the while the dog continued sniffing. For goodness sake, there is a 4 feet side walk right there!

I wonder what else will be in store for me today.

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