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Quilt Show :: Concord Piecemakers Guilde + Burlington Quilter's Guilde

October 30 2013,

This past weekend there were three local quilt shows. I ended up going to two.

These are from the Concord Piecemakers Guild

"21st Century Stars" Fay Martin, machine pieced, appliqued and quilted
Quilted by Beth Cardozo
"Design taken from Quilt Mania magazine, 'Mid 19th Century Star Quilt' by Margaret Mew, which was executed in 19th century reproduction fabrics. I updated the look with contemporary fabrics from my stash and scrap bag. The design was brought to life by the exquisite quilting of Beth Cardozo."

Detail of 21st Century Stars

"Kaleidoscope Wonders", Sheila Maccauley, machine pieced and quilted
"I saw at a quilt show a quilt of this design and decided to make one like it. I drew up my own pattern. When I was almost through making this quilt I found that the original quilt was featured in a New Zealand quilting magazine. I decided to make a few out of the magazine's pattern but found out the pieces did not fit together. The online magazine had a correction - one of the pattern pieces was the wrong size. I bought, begged and borrowed fabrics for this quilt as I decided to not repeat any fabrics in any other blocks after I had used them in one block. There are 437 different fabrics in this quilt."

"Big Leaves in the Public Garden" Fay Martin, machine pieced and quilted
"This quilt was started in a class taught by Ruth McDowell, "Designing from Nature", using her design and construction techniques. The images was taken from a photo of plantings in the Boston Public Garden. Hand-dyes incorporated in the quilt are bought from Judy Robertson and Elin Noble."

"Effervescence" Leslie Vieth, machine pieced and quilted
"The result of a challenge amongst friends in which 54 6-inch squares of specific fabrics, and one of personal choice, had to be incorporated into a piece. My goal was each color to transition to the next."

"Summer Popsicles" Tina van Roggen, machine pieced and quilted
"This quilt was made for the first color challenge that Quilter's Way held in June 2013. Everyone participating bought a bundle of solid color fat quarters and then picked out a background color. We used a pattern provided by the store. I had fun changing around the positions of the colors. I just HAD to lay it out in a symmetrical pattern!"

"Unbreakable Chihuly" Barbara Weiss, beading, hand and machine pieced, machine appliqued and quilted
"Dale Chihuly's exhibit at the MFA inspired many quilters, including myself. It took a while to figure out my design using a lot of geometry. I loved his exuberant use of color and fantasy of shapes. The completed frame quilt was badly stained by a chimney leak. This allowed me to take it apart, wash it, and have it professionally framed and stretched. Then I reconfigured the shapes, added a few more and took out one rondelle."

"Inspired by Chihuly" Joy Sussman, hand appliqued and quilted
"During my visit to the Chihuly exhibit at the MFA I stood under the glass ceiling and said 'I have to make a quilt of this.' I knew I needed a very special pattern and that came from Cara Gulati in '3-D Explosion' ".

"Amy's Quilt (Stash Quilt #1) by Claudette Cavelier, machine pieced and hand quilted
"Each of the 4 quilts I entered in this year's show is made entirely from fabrics from my stash. This quilt was made for my daughter. I stipulated that it had to be made from fabric I owned and she requested bright colors. The pattern is from a raffle quilt at a "Hands Across the Valley" quilt guild show in Amherst, MA a few years ago".

"Carnival (Stash Quilt #2), Claudette Cavelier, machine pieced and hand quilted
"This pattern is from 'Quilt Mavens Perfect Paper Piecing' by Deb Karasik and Janet Mednick. I used their pattern but changed the colors and slightly redesigned the border. All the fabrics are from my stash."

"Star of the Sea" by Laurie LaConte, machine pieced and quilted
"This quilt was made as a raffle quilt for the Eldredge Public Library in Chatham. The winner opted for a different quilt from my stash, and I get to keep this one! It was fun to choose the colors and to see the 3D effect come to life. I had a beach sunset in mind. The pattern is from Jan Krentz's book Quick Stars and Beyond."
Visit her at:

Detail of "Star of the Sea"

These are from the Burglinton Quilter's Guilde.

"Snow Days" Daian Wiener, Natick, MA
This was a block-of-the month from Stitchin Heaven in Texas and is a Crabapple Hill Design. This quilt was hand embroidered and hand pieced by me. Laurena McDermott of Laurena's Longarm Quilting in Burlington did the machine quilting on it. Completed October, 2013."

"Montana Memories" Nancy Maher, Wayland, MA
"This quilt was started in the Fall of 2005 at a class taught by Jackie Robinson in the Isaac Walton Lodge at the southern end of Glacier National Park in Montana. Machine pieced. Machine quilted by Barbara Malek of Cottage Quilting in Wakefield. 2005 - 2006."

"Eureka" Ellen O'Sullivan, Stoneham, MA
"This was a pattern by Jackie Robinson that was taught at Button Box as a 10 month block-of-the-month by Helga. I finished all the parts in that time frame and put the top together at a get-away weekend. Machine pieced. Susan Tamulitus of Bobbin Song, Winthrop, machine quilted it."

"Planned Randomness" Nancy Wasserman, Winchester, MA
"There was a jelly roll race (didn't win). Wanted queen size with fabric patterns and colors spread out across the quilt. I calculated length of jelly roll and made a mini paper jelly roll to plan out the random placement of fabrics. Thought I was so smart and jumped a step in the planning. Result, quilt top not as random as planned but made the necessary changes. Notice how Linda Whitehead's use of bolder white/black prints with the same pattern changes the look. Machine pieced. Machine quilted by Laurena McDermott. 2013."

"Vanishing Point" Linda Gallagher, Arlington, MA
"I made this quilt for my daughter and son-in-law's new home. The pattern name of this quilt is Lightning Strikes from in Australia. Machine pieced. 2013."

"Look! #3", Gail Dwyer, Winthrop, MA
"Original design, one of several pieces created on a wonderfully magical week with quilt artist Carol Taylor. Machine pieced, hand appliqued, and machine quilted by myself. 2011."

"Jonah's I Spy" Tamar Siegel, Medford, MA
"I have made lots of I Spy quilts over the years, but I wanted to do something a little different for my son, he has such a bright and energetic personality. I felt like the quilt needed to match. I adapted this pattern from a picture I saw online. I love using the bright fabrics in my stash, and I love the movements in the blocks. The fact that the backing is glow in the dark is an extra fun bonus! Jonah is hoping this quilt show goes very quickly so he can have it back on his bed! Machine pieced and machine quilted by me. 2013."
"BQG 2012 Blue and White Challenge" Diana Wiener, Natick, MA
"I originally made this for our guild's 30th Anniversary celebration. It was a pattern that appeared in an old issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. It is machine appliqued and machine pieced. Machine quilted by Laurene McDermott. Finished September, 2013."

"Two Kindred Souls" Clare Keane, Winchester, MA
This quilt is for my son and his wife, who were married last January. The Gemini pattern creates two identical blocks at a time, which are located a distance apart in the quilt. The inspirational passages and wedding photo on the back complete the quilt. Machine pieced. Laurena McDermott of Laurena's Longarm Quilting in Burlington did the machine quilting. 2013."

"Many Flavors of Pies and Tarts - Only one Chocolate Cupcake" RoseMary Koch, Arlington, MA
"Initially, this piece was to be smaller, however, somehow, it just grew. As you can see, each circle is made of 8 wedges, many of which were fussy cut individually and machine pieced to give you the illusion of spiraling. All circles were hand appliqued to squares and then assembled. There are over 275 different pieces of fabric in this quilt and each pie as individual as well as each tart. Since I do not eat pies nor tarts, I had to include something chocolate just for me - Only One Chocolate Cupcake. Hand and machine pieced. Hand and machine appliqued. Machine quilted by Laurena McDermott. Spring 2013."
That's all folks!

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