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Quilt Show :: Quilter's Gathering 2013

November 6 2013,

Okie, dokie. Here are some eye candy while I recover from this stupid flu. it's day 5 of this flu and just came back from the doctor. Doctor said it is probably the flu (no duh I said). He pushed some swab up both my noes and said he was going to send it out for testing. I asked why, and wanted to tell him to just. give. me. the. drugs. and. let. me. go. home. He says he just wants to be sure, it's early in the season. (Note my regular doctor wasn't in). Then he said that someone from the office will call me tomorrow or the day after with the results. I said, "If I'm dead, you can talk to my husband." He looked at me quizzically. I told him I was kidding. I said, "The distance between the couch and the phone is far". This doctor has been cooped up and has no sense of humor. After everything was said and done, he said, go get a chest x-ray to make sure I did not have Pneumonia. I looked at the Doc and threw a tantrum and went to get an x-ray. Came back and the doctor called me in and said I did not have Pneumonia. Great. Can. You. Give. Me. Drugs? He hands me a prescription. I have my prescription, I am semi-functioning, but I'm going back to the coach for the next 8 hours till I have to go to bed.

So before I got the flu, I had written the post below. I always try to wait for the quilt show to be over before posting the quilts. Note: If none of the above makes sense, blame it on the flu.

There was yet another quilt show. Below are the quilts from Quilter's Gathering 2013 in Manchester, NH. I have never seen so many beautiful quilts in one location. Some were absolutely stunning and jaw dropping. This quilt show is a judged and juried quilt show.

"Trippin' with the Smiths" Carol Smith, Westford, MA
machine pieced, longarm quilted by Laura Sexton
"Superstition or not?! My husband kept asking the question, are you going to make a quilt for our bed? I finally started a quilt for us two years ago and finished the quilt on our 50th anniversary year 2013. Was it superstition that finally drove me to finish 'Trippin with the Smith's'? You decide!" 

"Spotlight on the Stars" Dan & Carol Perkins, Rangeley, ME
machine pieced, longarm quilted by Carol Perkins
"Dan designed and pieced this quilt using Studio 180 tools and techniques. Quilt is made from 2 star untis set on point, with an interesting border to complete the design. Innovative quilting designs enhanced the overall design of the quilt."

"Insanity (A Reversible Quilt)" Dan and Carol Perkins, Rangeley, ME
machine pieced, longarm quilted by Carol Perkins
"I (Dan) made this reversible quilt using Studio 180's V Block Tool. The block is a pieced block no paper piecing involved. The front is made up approximately 11,250 pieces, when combined with the back the total rises to approximately 13,500. A fun quilt to piece and striking to look at."

Back of "Insanity (A Reversible Quilt)

"Mom's Flower Garden revisited" Kristin Vierra, Lincoln, NE
machine pieced, machine longarm quilted by Kristin Vierra
"This quilt was inspired by an old picture of an antique quilt. I added the applique work and decided on Batiks for a more modern feel. Quilted feathers and flowers compliment the applique work."

Back of "Mom's Flower Garden revisited"

"Ring Around the Rosy" Maureen Blanchard, Townsend, MA
machine and hand pieced, hand appliqued, longarm quilted
"This quilt was made entirely from my stash - 12 different whites, 7 reds, and 6 greens. I even had the backing and batting! From the book Great American Quilts 1996, by Oxmoor House. There are 230 flowers made from 1/2" hexagons!"

"Duet" Liz Fortino, North Andover, MA
machine pieced, longarm quilted by Carrie Zizza
"I pieced this top in the early 1990's and always knew I wanted it quilted with features. Twenty years later I finally decided to let someone else do the quilting, and Carrie fulfilled my vision perfectly."

"Monsters" Terry Burris, Merimack, NH
machine pieced, machine appliqued, longarm quilted
"I saw this quilt at a show over 3 years ago and asked about making one for my future grandchild. Well here he is 3 years old and it's finally done. Pattern by Sue Garman."

Detail of "Monsters"

Detail of "Monsters"

"Sunflower Quilt" Carol Symonds, Woburn, MA
hand appliqued, hand quilted by Carol Symonds
"My sister Helen succumbed after a 5 year battle with Multiple Myeloma in 1999. Helen loved sunflowers. Soon after she died I visited Shelburne Museum where I first saw the Sunflower Quilt made in the late 1800's by Caroline Carpenter of Northfield, Vermont. This was eerie! Helen and I were born and raised in Northfield. I was immediately drawn to the quilt and purchased the pattern at the museum. We stopped at a quilt shop on the way home where I purchased the fabric for the quilt. My quilt uses the multiple fabric patterns and colors that we have available today. Finally I am putting the finishing touches on my Sunflower Quilt."

"Phaeton's Star" Ann Hockmeyer, Amesbury, MA
machine pieced, longarm quilted by Carrie Zizza
"This is a queen sized glacier star pattern designed by Judy Neimeyer. I'm addicted to paper piecing and enjoyed every minute of creating this."

"Crossroads" Terry L. Crean, Northborough, MA
pieced, appliqued, longarm quilted by Terry L Crean
"An original design, Crossroads is inspired by a significant event in my son's life. After college, he decided to pursue a Masters/Doctoral degree. After starting the program, he realized he had chosen his path based on what other expected and thought was good for him and without really knowing what he wanted for his life. He withdrew from classes, considered moving back home with us and was at a Crossroads in his life. This put our family at a crossroads. The quilting represents that our path through life isn't always obvious and that we may encounter obstacles and opportunities that we never imagined. If you look closely, you will see that there is one quilting design that travels through the maze. The quilting after the intersection represents that we have choices and if we are true to ourselves, hopefully, the journey will be easier."

"October" Ruth Martineau, Methuen, MA
machine pieced, longarm quilted by Carrie Zizza
"Judy Niemeyer's 'Dessert Sky' pattern. I enjoyed picking out the fabrics and also paper piecing. It was quilted by Carrie Zizza."

"Reflections of Tao" Diane Loomis, Sudbury, MA
Domestic quilted by Diane Loomis
"The silver of the quilt spoke to me of the silvery reflection of the moon - mysterious subtle, strong; and the moon goddess spoke to me as I made this quilt. The silver fabric reflects different colors of silk thread and becomes iridescent. Mystery is woven into the quilt; if you look closely enough you will find The Way (Tao). Made of silk/cotton sateen, wool batting, cotton backing, and machine quilted with silk thread on my home sewing machine.

"Vintage Values" Linda M Roy, Knoxville, TN
machine pieced, hand quilted by Linda Roy
"Tea dye muslin is the simple fabric for HEAVY quilting. Included stipple and trapunto. 4 blocks with cathedral windows strips. Final border has 1/2 cathedral window edging."

"Twisted 60's" Beverly Cook, Reading, MA
machine pieced, domestic quilted by Beverly Cook
"Pick up a 'free' pattern and quilt guild, redraft 60 degrees triangle to have 6 gradations, guess @ amounts of fabric required, choose paper-piecing method, re-orient to counter clockwise swirl, create border by guessing and pray a lot!"

"Lake Shore Magic" Linda Pearl, Nashua, NH
machine pieced, machine appliqued, longarm quilted by Pat - Ocean Waves Quilt Company
"I was inspired to make Lake Shore Magic after getting to see the Red and White Quilt Exhibition in New York City in March of 2011. This pattern is an original interpretation of the classic orange peel block, made with scraps from my collection. This quilt was featured in Fons & Porter's Quilty Magazine, July / August 2013."

"Flowers and Features" Kristin Vierra, Lincoln, NE
pieced, longarm quilted by Kristin Vierra
"This quilt is based off a quilt designed by Debra Wagner call "Winter Bouquet" that was published in the 1998 edition of Great American Quilts. I changed the size of the quilt and added my own touches to the background fillers to make it my own."

"Sunset" Kathie Beltz, Greenfield, NH
machine pieced, longarm quilted by Mara Novak
" 'Sunset' is our first collaboration of the desire to marry Kathie's love of innovative piecing with Mara's interest in translating everything she sees into quilting designs. 'Sunsets' was inspired by several patterns: Monterrey Medallion by Atkinson Designs, Victorian Table RUnner by Southeind Designs, and curved and twisted log cabins."

"Myrdererskill Crossing" Janet Atkins, Athens, NY
machine pieced, hand appliqued, quilted by Janet Atkins
"Murdererskill is a placid stream by my house - superstition has it someone was murdered here long ago. This quilt was designed during a walk towards the stream."
Last but not least my quilts.

I submitted 3 quilts to Quilter's Gathering, "Falling in Love", "It's All About Me", and "It's All About You". Low and behold, "Falling in Love" received a ribbon. I was so shocked, my first ever ribbon. Third place for "Color Compatibility". Show casing my quilts with all the other beautiful quilts, is truly a humbling experience.

"Falling in Love"
machine pieced, machine quilted on domestic sewing machine

Back of "Falling in Love"

Third place ribbon for "Color Compatibility"

"It's All About Me"
hand appliqued, hand quilted

"It's All About You"
hand appliqued, hand quilted


Jeanne Selep said...

Nice post on a quilt show. But where do you show your quilt color compatibility, the one that got the ribbon. I'll be looking further on your blog...

Here is my recent post on a quilt show:

Quilt+Bitch said...

Hi Jeanne, Thanks for stopping by. The quilt is call "Falling in Love" that got the "color compatibility" ribbon. It's the third and fourth last quilts (if that makes any sense). Q&B