Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Beginning... Of Another Quilt (Part 1)

March 20 2014,

I have just finished the other quilt, it's a two sided quilt, and I had a long arm quilter in mind to do the custom quilting. I have never used her before, but love her work. I disclosed that the "back" of the quilt was all batiks - and the front was solid kona cotton. She politely rejected doing my quilt. I totally understand it from her point of view. She said that she would do it if the back was cotton and the front was batik, and that it was an edge-to-edge design. Bummer. I am now hunting for another long arm quilter who would be willing to do the quilting.

In the mean time, I am starting the sister quilt to the quilt I just finished. I loved how the orange and red blended on the other quilt, that I decided to do this one mostly orange with a sparkle of red. I have also decided not to make the pieces too small. Let's see where this one takes me.

Below is a the start of it. The block currently measures approximately 28" x 32".

Stay tuned for more progress.

If you know of a custom long arm quilter, and you are pleased with his or her work, please share.

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