Monday, May 11, 2015

Sitting Pretty :: Virtual Nashville Tour

May 11 2015,

Hubby + I decided to make a destination wedding into an extended vacation to Nashville, TN, and we came back a week ago. Here's a virtual / pictorial recap.

Below was a rubbish bin on "Painter's Alley" that was spray painted.

A boot store on Broadway. I tried one of them on and got a foot cramp. Had hubby pull of the boot because I couldn't do it myself. What a sight it was.

A bar on Broadway advertising false advertising.

The other side of the advertisement.

This is a huge sign on the Bridge-stone Arena advertising Jack Daniels.

Below is a microphone from the Studio-B RCA tour.

The piano that Elvis played on at the Studio-B.

At the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, we saw Cindy Walker's decoupage typewriter. This museum was a nice museum even though we really had no clue of country music.

The Hatch Show Print is attach to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. This was my favorite museum in Nashville and maybe even my favorite museum of all time. We also took the Hatch Show Print tour, where hubby and I were the only people they were giving a tour too.This place is still in operation today where they do letterpress. Did I mention I had a blast?

As part of the tour, we made our own printing on the press below. Cheesy, but it was a nice souvenir.

I really wanted to buy a poster, but it would have been hard to travel with.Thanks to the internet, we can always buy stuff online.

Here is a hot dog truck in the outskirts of Nashville. Hubby thought this was the best hot dogs he has ever eaten. I thought the brats worth was good too. They were approximately $3.00 each for the hot dogs and $3.50 for the brats worth.

I'm a huge fan of the T.V. show "Antique Archaeology". I We had to go to the Nashville store to see it in person.

It is located in a warehouse that still has the sign that says "Marathon Motor Works". In this warehouse, there are other stores. I thought the other stores were a bit overpriced, but they did have unique items for sale.

Inside the Antique Archaeology store.

There was also a crafts show at the Parthenon the weekend we were there. We saw a wood worker that made bird houses. The company is call churp :: Modern Bird homes. It is really cool.

We also went to the Lane Motor Museum. Oh what fun that place was. The museum had mostly European cars.

Below is probably one of the smallest cars I've ever seen.

We went to see The Hermitage, where Andrew Jackson lived. The grounds are absolutely beautiful. The couple who got married had the church wedding on the Hermitage church, and had the reception in one of the cabins. The day could not have been more perfect.

So that was Nashville in 6 days. 6 days was plenty of time to do everything. We did not have to rush, and I was even able to visit two quilt stores in Franklin. Oh yes, we even did a day of antique-ing, and oh boy, I've caught the bug.

Thanks to our friend who just got back from Nashville, she gave us a few hints on where to eat, what to do, and where to park, we were able to save a little bit of money. Also the Moon Nashville Tour book was really helpful too. This tour book focuses only on Nashville - so it was prefect for us.

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