Monday, July 20, 2015

My Summer Vacation :: Part Trois

July 20 2015,

As I continue to seize the summer here are my adventures for the last two weeks.

Voila - I took a letter press class two weekends ago at The Museum of Printing in North Andover, MA. Ted taught the class - and there were four of us. It was so fun. Made my own composition and poster. My poster says, "To Quilt Or Not To Quilt" plus a "POSTED" text and an arrow. It was printed on a Vandercook printing press.

No, I haven't bought a letter press yet. I don't know where I'll be going with this - but I've always wanted to learn about letter press - so this class was my chance to do it with very little commitment and expenditure.

Saturday, I ended up at the Somerville Artbeat aka Art fair. It was not as exciting as the Cambridge one - but it was something to do.

Yesterday was a whirlwind. I went to the Codman Estate car show in Lincoln, MA. There were so many beautiful cars.

I love the turquoise  color below and the blue on the "Chevrolet" car. I think these two colors will be an inspiration for the bathroom that we've just demolished.

This truck below I love. I love the color, I love the look, I love the front of the car. Can you imagine me driving one of these? I love love love.

As a bonus and an added surprise, there is a lily pond on the estate. The water lilies are such a beautiful and elegant flower. I love taking pictures of them. It makes me smile and admire the beauty of it's perfection.

As my journey continues, I was told by a friend that at her work on route 9 in Framingham, MA, there was a lily pond in the parking lot. From the main road, you'll never think it's there until you're right on top of it. It's just a hole in the middle of the parking lot with water lilies. It's just unbelievable. Unfortunately, this lily pond was past it's peak, but there were still pretty and spectacular.

My next stop was to the "Garden in the Woods" in Framingham, MA. It was a bit disappointing because there was only one water lily in the "Lily Pond". I wonder what happened to them. The only picture I took there was of cone flowers.

To end the day, I went to a restaurant in Waltham, MA and had tapas and a cosmopolitan. OMG. The Cosmo was so damn strong that I had to walk it off before I could drive myself back. As I was walking it off - I bought 4 shirts from the  "Global Thrift Shop" on Moody Street, one light cardigan and 2 Corning Ware pie thingys for a grand total of $20.00. Love it when I get so much stuff for so little.

Well, that was my adventure so far. I forgot that the Brimfield show was this past week - so I didn't go to that. I'll be going to the one in September. This coming weekend, hopefully I'll be going to the 2015 Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival. Oh I can't wait.

What have you been doing, are you seizing the summer?

Quilt & Bitch

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