Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Show + Tell :: Pillow Case

November 24 2015,

I did it! In my last post, I was griping about not knowing how to finish the edges of a pillow case without a serger. Thus a reader suggested I do french seams. Ta-dah. I did it. I looked up a tutorial on how to make a pillow case and came up with one that did it "burrito" style and with french seams. Below are the results.

The first one (I made two of these), our nephew wanted black, gray, white and a splash of red. I had a lot of gray fabric, so all I needed to buy was the black / white/ gray fabric on the "cuff" (Yes, I do need to iron it).

The two below is for our first cousin once removed who was born in the year of the monkey - which makes him 11 years old. His mother (my cousin) said that he loves monkeys - thus the theme. I did not have enough of the white fabric, so I decided to make one white and one black.

I think I'm done with making stuff - oh yeah, I even finished the draft stopper which I filled with kitty litter. The kitty litter was the cheapest in terms of cost (under $6.00 for a big bag at Wal-mart), and my sister-in-law has a cat, so that's also going to her. Two gifts in one. Yay!

As far as shopping goes, that's easy - mostly we're just giving cash, it's easy, eco friendly, and that's what most people want anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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