Sunday, January 25, 2009


January 26th, 2009

So this is my first post. Fun. Everyone has a blog, so why shouldn't I have one. I guess the name of this blog was created because I quilt and I tend to bitch a lot. So here you can see my post of quilts that I am creating. I guess the concept of a blog is like a "Dear Diary" thingy, except the whole world is reading it. I wonder how many blogs are out there. Why do people care? What gives?

I don't plan on telling people about this blog, so it would be interesting to see who stops by. So leave me a note if you care to.

Anyway, tomorrow is Chinese New Year. Tonight we (hubby and I) are having dinner with another couple. The menu is as follows:

  • Green beans with garlic
  • Halibut Fish with ginger and scallion sauce
  • Chicken with ginger and scallion sauce (ginger and scallion sauce is a recipe from
  • Chocolate pudding cake like for desert.


If I get a chance, I'll post pics of it later.

Quilt & Bitch.

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