Friday, January 30, 2009

Yipee It's Friday!

January 30, 2009

I just finished appliqueing the second project that I described on January 26th. It still does not have a name.

The pictures above is the back. Because it is made of batik fabric, I have found it very hard to hand quilt. So I decide to cut out the portions that are not needed, in this case the background fabric so that I do not have to quilt through one extra layer. This is the step that I tend to forget. When I finish basting the quilt and start hand quilting, only then do I remember that I forgot to cut out that one layer. Darn.

That was what happened with the Borobudur quilt that I posted on January 26th, 2009. Luckily the fabric in that quilt is not as thick as some. So I got a little bit lucky.

For now, these four fabrics will go to my huge pile of other fabrics. One day, maybe you'll see the finished product here.

Below are two fabrics that I will be using for my next project.

It will be an eight pointed star. Also appliqued. The background will be the light color fabric, and the foreground, the dark color fabric. This one should go quickly. I plan to make it a smaller wall hanging size. I am still on the design phase, hopefully I'll remember to take pictures of my progress.

Happy quilting,

Quilt and Bitch.

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