Friday, February 6, 2009

Cleaning Pans

February 6, 2009

Oh how I hate cleaning pots and pans. This is a pan that I have been using for the past two years. And see how the bottom is so dirty.

I read that you can pour baking soda and vinegar and the crap will come off. So here's my experiment. For this pan, I used 5 Tablespoons of baking soda, and maybe 1/2 a cup of vinegar. Put the baking soda on the pan and spread it around evenly. Then pour the vinegar on top. It will bubble. Let stand for 15 minutes. See picture below for demonstration.

After 15 minutes, scrub and rinse thoroughly. If your pots and pans are like mine, you really got to scrub. Below is the result after 15 minutes. Not bad eh? Ok, ok, maybe it is not that clean, at least you can see the logo, that's what counts right?

Since the above was not that great, I put the same solution and left it for 2 hours. After two hours, I scrubbed with one of those green pads and scrubbed for 15 minutes. I put a little bit of baking soda and vinegar in spots which were tough. And ta da. Pretty clean to me.

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