Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Angry Little Girls

February 18th, 2009

I had the pleasure to go downtown today. I love driving downtown. Cars and people everywhere. 10 points for pedestrians, 20 points for bicyclist.

My adventure today was with a jerk who cut in front of me, knowing full well that there was a truck on the lane he was in. The whole story was there was another truck about 20 feet away from this truck also double parked. So this jerk decides to move over to the right lane and swing back into the left lane as soon as he can't go any further. I was nice enough to let him go and not give him the finger or a honk. And yes, he did run the red light.

(Above: Jerk running light)

I saw the advertisement below a month ago and tried to figure out what they were advertising. The logo sure looked like the Pepsi logo, but I thought some new company might just have copied it. After a month or so, Pepsi started having ads on TV, only then it clicked. I don't think it makes me want to go and drink Pepsi. It makes downtown look like a Hello Kitty store. The Target ad was better.

(Above: An Advertisement at downtown Boston)

Now, this I love. I came across some tote bags at and traced it back to a site call "Angry Little Girls Shop". What a riot this place is. I love the tote bag below, available here. Another one I really like is "Angry Little Asian Girl" t-shirt. It is cute. I think it describes me pretty well, but unfortunately, I DO do the laundry.

(Above: A tote bag from Angry Little Girls)

And yes, my machine is still in the shop. Having sewing withdrawals. I have prepared all that I can prepare that needs to be sewn, and it is just piling up.

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adhesive remover said...

Love A.L.A.G.

You probably know, but it started out as a sort of webcomic.

Now, it is gospel.