Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Hate Walgreens

February 12, 2009

Just dropped my sewing machine off at the quilt shop to have it repaired. The bobbin case got disengaged from the housing. Frustrating. This is the second time since the December. It's a Pfaff machine, and I don't think I should be having issues like this.

So back to focusing my energy on hand quilting while the machine is in the shop. My other spare machine, a Kenmore, is at a friend's house - and it's probably not worth driving out there to pick it up and to drop it off when I get my machine back.

Oh well.

Below is quilt that I was piecing together when the machine broke. It's a star quilt, again, and the pattern is from by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston from the book "Collaborative Quilting".

The finished block size is 10 inches. It will be a 5 by 4 quilt, 20 blocks total. This is ear marked for a friend in Tennessee who is having a baby.

I was at Walgreen's this morning to pick up with soda. The soda was on sale. I hate going to this Walgreen because the check-out lady name Denise has such a freaking attitude. I picked up my 4 bottles of soda and went to the check-out counter. She punches a few things onto the cash register and starts getting a plastic bag.

I said, "Can you double-bag it please?" I said this early before she could bag anything because the last time I said I wanted to have it double bagged, she scowled and told me that I should have told her earlier.

She looked at me and threw down the plastic bag in front of me. "Ok" I thought to myself, I'll just bag it myself. So I went over and grabbed the plastic bags and started bagging it myself.

With an attitude, Denise said, "I'm not ready to ring you in because the cash register is not working."

That's fine with me, I'll just bag it while you get the cash register working.

She huffs and puffs some more, and I looked up to her and said, "Why do you always have such an attitude with me?"

She replied defensively, "I don't have an attitude" and walked away.

As I continued bagging, the store manager (who is a sweetie, has only been working as the manager for a few months) came over and looked at the register and I said to him, "She really needs to get rid of that attitude", and he said, "I'm sorry".

From behind me, Denise said, "Over here 'mam, over here."

I looked over at her and dragged my four bottles which are already double bagged and checked out.

She said, "Thank you, have a good day."

I left without saying anything. I should have handed one of those "You are a douche" card.

Why do I bother going there you ask? Because they have the sale that week on the product I need. So I just suck it up. I won't buy anything that is not on sale from Walgreen's. I totally understand why they continue to keep her. She shows up everyday at 7:00 AM and does her job. That's the key, she does her job, nothing less, nothing more.

I hate it when the store has these promotions where they start saying something like, "Our store is having a competition. The clerk who sells the most [product] gets $50 at the end of the contest." This has happened to me a bunch of times. I just say, "No Thanks". What I want to say, "Why would I want to buy something that I don't need and let you get $50 if you win?"

I think this tactic is very cheesy. It's stupid. Puts people on the spot. Makes customer's uncomfortable. And who cares if my clerk, in this case, Denise, gets $50? If it was some other friendlier clerk, maybe I will.

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