Sunday, March 1, 2009


March 1, 2009

Batting. I love Bamboo Batting. This one is made by Fairfield. The batting is made out of 50% bamboo fiber and 50% organic cotton. When machine quilting with this batting, it feels like silk. It does not shed at all unlike other batting that I have used. The Fairfield 80/20 batting does this.

The bamboo batting is just a little bit more expensive that other batting. The end result of the quilt gives it a heavy, solid, and warm feel. If you have not quilted with this batting, try it just once, you'll love it. It has a similar feel to the "Dream Cotton" battings.

(Above: Bamboo Batting by Fairfield)

Another batting I also use is Warm & Natural, made out of 100% cotton fibers. I buy these in bolts, which are $11.99 per yard. But watch them on sale at Joann's fabric, and you can get them either 40% of 50% off per yard. These also quilt like silk.

For my hand quilting, I use "Thermore" batting. They are 100% polyester. All my hand quilting are wall hangings, all I care about is that it hand quilts easily and that's why it is polyester.

I have one 60 x 60 quilt that I use 100% cotton batting on, and it is not finished because it is a pain to hand quilt. One day, one day I'll get to it.

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