Sunday, March 15, 2009


March 21, 2009

Went to Ted's Montana Grill today for lunch. Found these straws on the table. They are call, "Earth Friendly Straw". It's pretty cool actually.

Instead of plastic, the straw is made out of paper.

(Above: "Earth Friendly Straw")

Paper, plastic, or your own bag? Do you go to the grocery store and bring your own bags? My local grocery store use to pay 5 cents for every bag you bring. They stopped doing that, and I asked why. They said that not too many people were bringing in their own bags, so corporate decided to funnel the money into giving out reusable bags. I guess that's a good excuse, but now there is no real incentive (5 cents) to bring your own bags to the store. Bad decision I think.

I make my own bags. I started making bags 3 years ago. I still have the very first one that I made, and that's my primary shopping bag. It's made out of remnant upholstery fabric, and has a cotton webbing handle. If you do plan to make your own, make sure you buy cotton webbing and not the poly webbing. The cotton webbing feels better and doesn't cut through your shoulders.

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