Monday, July 6, 2009

Where's my Cue?

July 6, 2009

Yesterday hubby got an email from our pool cue maker, Mike Webb., telling us our cue was delayed. Hubby has been waiting exactly one year for his cue, and I for six months. Hubby is itching to get his cue, but I on the other hand was more concern about the cheese cake that I had baked yesterday morning in preparation for delivery to Mike for today or tomorrow.

I had hubby call Mike, to ask approximately when we would be coming down to deliver the cake for him. Mike had thought that he was calling to scream at him about the delay of the cue. Come on, hubby's waited a whole year... a couple of days, or a couple of more weeks wouldn't make any difference.

The result is, if hubby is going to visit a friend to play pool, I'll have hubby bring that cheese cake for his pool playing buddy, and I'll just make another one tomorrow. If not, Mike will just have to eat a couple days old cake.

This cheese cake turned out beautiful. No cracks in sight, and the color was perfect. We'll see.

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Ann said...

cheesecake and pool!! awesome!!