Friday, July 10, 2009

Show + Tell :: Meditation + 80 Stars

July 10, 2009

Here is my latest quilt called "Meditation". They are done with batik fabrics (no surprise there). The background fabric is a black fabric with a tint of blue. This was hand appliqued and hand quilted.

I think my fingers are getting use to the torcher of quilting, which means I can do more in one sitting.

This one is available for sale on

(Above: "Meditation" wall hanging)

(Above: Detail of wall hanging)

(Above: Back of quilt)

(Above: Detail of back of quilt)
So far, I have gotten a decent amount of hits to the quilts, but no one has bitten yet. Guess I just have to wait longer for that Bernina machine. Maybe I don't need the machine anyway, because I enjoy doing things by hand anyway. We'll see.

So here's another quilt that I finished this week. This one is similar to the Koi fish quilt that I did a couple of months ago, but with different colors. This one is also for sale on If this does not sell, I plan to give it as a birthday present to a friend who is turning 80 in February. This quilt contains 80 stars, so if this sells, I'll be making another one similar to this.

(Above: Back of quilt)
Some of you may wonder what happened to the cue that we were expecting sometime this week... no sign of it. But more importantly, the beautiful cheese cake baked on Sunday is still freaking sitting in the fridge. I wonder when it will start turning green.

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