Monday, August 17, 2009

Pool Tournament in NH

August 17, 2009

This weekend, hubby and I went to a pool tournament in New Hampshire. It was the season finale for the New England 9 Ball Series held by MD Promotions.

Hubby and I were helping out at the tournament. My main job was to sell raffle tickets. Hubby's main job was to hang out and be a referee for close call shots.

The main prize for the raffle was a Michael Webb cue. A beautiful cue with points and four veneers. I had my eye on that grand prize. Unfortunately, we did not win any of the prizes that were being raffled. Oh well, se la vie.

One guy was pissed (Mr. B), and rumors had it that he was pissed after the raffles because he told people he bought $200 worth of raffle tickets. To my knowledge, he only bought 3 (three) tickets which were $20. This guy was definitely a jerk. He was very dismissive to me and his attitude was that he had to make everybody around him miserable. He bitched and whined the whole two days of the tournament, even though he was knocked out after the first day.

Hubby and I met a bunch of really great players (they played really well, no comment on personalities), the one that stood out was Mike Dechaine (a 21 year old pro). Unfortunately, we left right before the final playoff, which was between Mike Dechaine and Dave Hall, so I have no idea who won.

The tournament was played at Buster's Billiards at Somersworth, NH. The people who run the place are great. The tables could be better. Some players complained that on a few tables, the rails were dead.

After everything was said and done, what I learnt through this experience was that most pool player's bitch, and they bitch a lot. They also make sure that you hear them. One time I was trying to sell a raffle ticket to two older gentleman, and they gave me a 5 minute lecture on how expensive the raffle tickets were. One for $10 or three for $20. One of the older gentleman had written a book that was being raffled off. Believe it or not, he had made the tour tournament director buy two of his books to be raffled off, instead of giving it to be raffled. Whatever.

He even tried to have me buy one of his books a few weeks ago. I told him, no thanks, I don't really read books.

In conclusion, if you ever go to a pool tournament, be ready for whiners and bitchers.

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