Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who’s the Remote Control Freak In Your Family?

October 20, 2009

I'm desperate for topics to write about. So hear's one that I pulled out from the air.

So who's the remote control freak in your family?

I’m the remote control freak in my family, even though there is just the two of us. Since we have the DVR, we can fast forward through the commercials quickly, so the remote always has to be nearby.

Even when I am half asleep on the couch, the remote control needs to be an arm’s length away from me. I will sometimes wake up just to fast forward through the commercials and then go back to sleep (I know, I’m nuts).

So who in your family is the remote control freak (fess up now)?

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p00lriah said...

don't really have that problem. if i can't watch tv i go online or blog.

speaking of topics, what about some general commentary on similarities between quilting and pool? they seem quite dissimilar, yet you enjoy both.

or maybe some basics about quilting for idiots, namely moi. strangely fascinating how u take different fabrics and piece them together. (yea! i can learn!) kinda like how u construct a runout from thin air.

Bethany said...

Sigh. DH is in control of the remote. It's a guy thing.