Monday, December 7, 2009


December 7, 2009

Yes I must admit, I am a regifter. We get so many things that are stored in our “to-be regifted box”. Not everything in there are gifts that people gave us. Some of things that I accumulate over the year which I bought at a good price.

Some things in the box

  • A beautiful crochet bag that I will never use
  • A doll still with tag that I bought at a yard sale for $1
  • Two sarong batik skirts that I bought many years ago
  • A freesbie
  • 2 votive candle holder with candles

The key to regifting is always knowing where it came from. Make a list of things you receive and whom it came from. This way, you will be able to figure out which gifts to give whom.

What’s next? Start making a list of people whom you think you’ll receive gifts from and a list of people whom you would like to give gifts to.

Look through your re-gifting box and match it up to each person.

For the remaining people, think about gifts that they might like. If you’re crafty, list things you can make before listing things that you need to buy. Also make sure you have emergency gifts ready. I usually have a few Amaryllis on hand for last minute parties.

I sometimes also wrap a few items from the “re-gifting box” and put an empty tag on it. You never want to be in an awkward situation where someone has something for you and you do not have something for them.

Do you regift? Do you have horror stories about regifting? Or have you received an item where you know it was regifted? Do you agree or disagree on regifting?

Get going on your list. After the holidays I will post pictures of the good gifts, the bad gifts and when good gifts go bad.

Quilt & Bitch


p00lriah said...

i just hope i don't get that leftover fruit cake from you . . .

Quilt+Bitch said...

I think I got one of those somewhere in my box :)