Saturday, December 12, 2009

Speed Pool

December 12, 2009

Recently I was watching pool on ESPN and noticed that they had these pool tables from Aramith call "Fusion Tables".

The concept is that you can turn these tables from a dining table, office table etc. to a pool table.

Watching the player's on television play speed pool on this table was not fun. It looked like every time they were moving from one end of the table to the next I could imagine them catching their sides on the corner of the table.

It is a pretty cool concept. My questions are
  • how much are these things
  • would you buy one of these
  • will it always be leveled because you raise it when you want to play pool?
  • how does it play in comparison to other pool tables?

I have not seen one in person, if you have any insights, please share.

Quilt & Bitch


p00lriah said...

found some stuff online but i can hardly say they're reliable info.

as far as the cost, i saw prices from $2000 to $6500 USD, and some forum discussions say that the table's not available in the US. basically, i've no idea.

i personally wouldn't buy the fusion table, since the table looked too slim for actual slate. for pool tables i like it to be single-purpose, and preferably tournament grade.

as with anything, if the leveling system isn't sturdy it'd probably break. then again, if the table has no slate then that may not be a huge concern. i've never even seen the table let alone play on it, so i don't know.

there's a french company that makes the same thing, but it looks mondo $$$$. check it out if u like.

chevillott billiards

Quilt+Bitch said...

Thanks for the info p00lriah. I checked out Cheviolotte, and did not find it intriguing.

I guess their market audience are contemporary and once in a blue moon play pool players.

I am very curious about the slate and the leveling. Maybe in a few years we'll see more of these in the States.

It still is a great concept.

p00lriah said...

i think anytime ur looking at multi-purpose table ur probably dealing w the casual player market (imo). a good number of players would get used tournament tables for cheap, as long as the slate is in good shape. get new rails & cloth ur set.