Monday, February 22, 2010

What's Up With All the Commercials?

February 22, 2010

The Olympic is in full swing now. I've been watching a little bit of it yesterday afternoon. In a span of one hour, it seemed like 50% of the "coverage" was commercials, 20% was about the atheletes, and 30% was actual coverage.

I feel that the coverage of the winter Olympics seem mediocre. As television viewer they cut in and out of events like the 11:00 PM news.

Luckily the commercials during the Olympics are decent, I especially love the GE and P&G commercials.

So what do you think of the coverage of the winter Olympics?

Quilt & Bitch


p00lriah said...

i've not watched any olympics coverage at all except clips on the news. :P

Quilt+Bitch said...

Not into the Olympics eh?

p00lriah said...

i find it less & less appealing as i get older. my olympic interest is inversely proportional to my age. :P