Saturday, July 31, 2010

Red Bumps...

July 31, 2010

Thursday night, we decided to go to an asian food court where they have individual Thai, Korean, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Chinese Dim Sum stalls.

Hubby ordered the dry vermicelli noodle with beef on top, I ordered the big bowl of Special Pho, which has beef and other organs in it.

The next morning, I noticed I was hiving on my right leg. I ignored it, because I get hives once in a while after eating something. So for lunch yesterday, I ate the leftover and started hiving. So it's something in the Pho that made me hive. I've had this Pho before and never had a reaction.

This hiving thing is annoying because I don't know what specific ingredient is causing me to hive. I've gone to a allergist specialist and told him of the situation, and all they did was the regular allergy test. This regular allergy test includes, dust, trees, pollen etc.

I don't care about all that other stuff, what I cared about was what I was allergic to. That visit to the allergist specialist was a waste of money. The most constructive advice from the doctor was, "Try each ingredient and see if you hive".

The funny thing is I've gotten hives from my own cooking, but that has only happened a few times.

As of right now, the bumps are still there and I am no longer itching like a mofo. Last night, I took benadryll with a glass of cosmopolitan, and that helped.

Oh well, I will continue my life without knowing what I'm allergic to, and carry benadryll with me, and I will continue to enjoy all the wonderful food out there. Maybe it's better not to know.

Quilt & Bitch


p00lriah. said...

that totally sucks...

not trying to disparage anyone, but out here in socal my friends and i have had our share of problems at certain asian restaurants. with the economy, i'd imagine more corners are being cut, so it may not be u q&b, could be unfresh ingredients. maybe a combo of both.

u know, the weird thing is that i've been having bad reactions at taco smell. i've never gotten sick there, but recently i got sick off of taco bell twice just getting some snacks (different locations). the food tasted less fresh for some reason; maybe i'm paranoid. typically i'd get snacks there once in a blue moon, but i'm not doing taco smell for a long while.

Quilt+Bitch said...

I doubt it was because of unfresh ingredients, because I get an allergic reaction even when cooking at home.

I never knew "Taco Smell" was a popular slang for Taco Bell... I had to look it up. :)

p00lriah. said...

well, with my recent experiences at taco smell, i think the more appropriate slang would be "taco stale". :P