Thursday, August 5, 2010

WTF... is going on?

August 5 2010,

Today we had the hardwood floor guys in to start redoing the floors. There are some things that need to be patched, resanded and refinished.

Problem #1: Tiles and building materials are scattered around the house, including toilets that are in the middle of the bedroom, 30 boxes of bathroom tiles, 5 boxes of laminate flooring. These things need to moved. So I started moving the boxes into the kitchen so that the floor guys can start doing what they need to do. The construction guys weren't around (no surprise) to help. They haven't showed up at the house for a couple of days.

Problem #2: It's hot. It's so humid and hot that I was sweating just standing there. Imagine moving 30 pound boxes from one room to another. Luckily the floor guys had six guys who were willing to help move the stuff to another room.

Problem #3: No A/C in the house yet. I didn't realize the A/C needed to be run in the house so that the polyurethane can dry quicker. I've put a call to the HVAC guy this morning, and as usual he does not answer, to try to hook up the A/C so that we don't have to wait for weeks for the floor to dry. If the HVAC guy can't do it, I guess we'll be buying or borrowing those A/C unit that you stick in the window.

Got damn it, we have 3.5 weeks to get everything done and moved in because our lease expires the end of this month. Plus, we have been busy at client site working our butts off. Describing the situation currently as stressful is an understatement.

Quilt & Bitch


p00lriah. said...

that totally sucks. i wonder if u have to get the lawyers involved. guess u gotta keep calling for now. :(

Quilt+Bitch said...

No lawyers needed. They'll get it done, but the issue is the timeframe. Talked to the contractor this morning, and he said that if the floors are done by this weekend, they will come in on Monday and finish everything up.

Damn, Home Depot ran out of fans, can you believe it?