Friday, August 6, 2010

Harlo... Harlo?

August 6 2010,

Cell phones, convenient yet annoying. I rarely carry my cell phone around because it no longer holds a charge. The maximum life I get is 15 minutes of talk time. Half of the time it does not pick up signal from the tower and the other half, calls are dropped in the middle of a conversation. Not sure if it is the phone or just the carrier. I've tried getting new batteries for it, but it still does not hold a charge.

This annoys hubby because when he needs to find me, he can't get in touch with me. Usually if hubby doesn't need his cell phone, I'll swipe his.

According to the EPA website, "Cell phones are only used for an average of 18 months before being replaced..."1 We are definitely a wasteful society aren't we?

I know I've been talking about getting a new cell phone, but still have not made the move because there's just nothing out there that is appealing. Our carrier is AT&T, and yes, there is always the Blackberry and the iPhones, thanks but no thanks.

I have the original Samsung BlackJack phone which is probably four years old. I still love it because it is slim and does not have a touch screen.

Why can't these stupid cell phones last longer, and why do we run into problems when it gets "old"?


Quilt & Bitch


p00lriah. said...

how about a palm? or some of the new samsungs are nice too.

Quilt+Bitch said...

no palm. I was an early adopter of the palm PDA, and realized that it was a pain in the ass PDA when it comes to synching and transfering. I'll check out the Samsung, but no touch screen and a full keyboard are my requirements.