Sunday, October 31, 2010


October 31 2010,

As Halloween approaches, the two bags of candies are on standby, our last minute pumpkin is out in front uncarved, and I'm having an early Cosmopolitan drink. If I get too drunk, I guess hubby will hand out the candies.

Spent the day blowing and raking the leaves of our yard. We had thought that we could just pile it up in our compost area (yes we do compost), but turns out that there are just too many leaves. So I guess we have to either rent a freakin' truck and take everything to the town dump or have a lawn care company take the leaves away. That's one of the disadvantages of living in a place where the leaves fall like there is no tomorrow.

So yesterday, the widow, hubby and I went to the funeral home to prepare for the wake. Damn, funerals are freakin' expensive. She is having the body cremated. Overall, the funeral costs $4,400. If there was a casket, add another $2,000 - $3,000. So what is one to do if one did not prepare or have the financial means to do a funeral? According to hubby, just bury him underneath the shed (I don't think the town will approve of that).

So after a week of tears and trying to be strong for the widow, things are a little bit easier. Not much, but just a little. Life goes on no matter what happens.

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