Thursday, October 14, 2010


October 14 2010,

Yeah, I meant to write something last week, but it never happened. I meant to write something yesterday, but it never happened.

So, what's new? The contractor is holding us hostage by demanding $13,000+ in payment for the extra work he did before he fixes all the stuff that he screwd up. Our side of the story was that the extra work was not first not done in writing, and he had done it as a favor. So everything is at a stand still and we will probably go to arbitration, because that was what the contract said. In addition, we will probably be filing a complaint with the state.

Home life as been a drag, hubby and I are fighting again, I think this house is cursed in the realm of relationship. With everything going on, it's just not fun to be fighting.

On another note, the pool table is hopefully arriving this afternoon. We decided to get the Diamond Pro-Am table. Will get pictures up of the pool room by this weekend. Stay tuned.

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p00lriah. said...

wow, that sucks. :( hope u guys have a good lawyer so u won't be ripped off. and i hope things go better w hubby; fighting is never fun.

enjoy the pool table!!