Saturday, February 19, 2011

Easy To Clean Seal of Approval

February 19 2011,

I have been thinking... I know, I know, thinking can be dangerous.

Every year, two weeks before for Chinese New Year, I have a ritual of cleaning the dwelling inside and out. Everything needs to be dusted, cleaned, all dead leaves on the plants trimmed, shine the leaves on the plants, clean all appliances, clean all cabinets and clean all floors. Anything that can be cleaned will be cleaned.

In the process of cleaning in nooks and crannies with toothpicks or Q-tips, why don't people who design things, such as a spatula, a pot, an appliance think of making these everyday things easier to clean?

Take a look at your pan, see how many screws and nooks there are and how hard it is to get into those places to get the grease off of it.

If designers could make something and get seal of approval of how easy it is to clean the item, I would buy it. It would mean less time, less energy, less cleaning products and probably less water to clean this item.

Would you buy something that had a "Easy to Clean" Seal of approval?

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p00lriah. said...

oh yeah. (i like eating utensils with minimal curves and details on it so it can be washed with almost no effort.) easy to clean is always good.