Sunday, February 6, 2011

This Blog Is Temporarily Closed...

February 6 2010,

This blog is temporarily closed due to a snow storm. Okay, I'm kidding. OMG, I'm sick of the snow. We have snow banks as high as I am, and the snow all around the house is at least to my hips. We have snow dams on the roof, and occasionally, it leaks inside the house. Luckily it is not a big leak.

Hubby is on the roof shoveling the snow off the roof. Unfortunately, we have no way of getting the snow blower on the roof. Imagine if that was possible!

To make matters worse, the driveways is a skating rink. Why pay to go to a skating rink when you have one right at your house.

Ice melts and deicers are hard to come by, they seem to fly off the store shelves as soon as it comes into the store. According to the store, all the stores are out of it because there is a shortage of these luxury goods in the northeast. Luckily they are not jacking up the prices.

Roofs around our area are collapsing, and just today, a roof of a building in Harvard collapsed.

I wish I was in....

... Bali.

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