Saturday, July 9, 2011


July 9 2011,

After weeks of landscaping, cutting branches, cutting two infected hemlocks, hauling countless bags of dirt, buying plants, we finally can start enjoying one part of the yard. Below are the results.

The stone structure was built by a dentist who lived in the house two or three owners previous to us. It was a four layer fountain, but the pipe was cut by one of the previous owners, so we decided to grow plants in them instead. The yellow house on the left is our 88 year old neighbor who is fantastic. We planted impatiens for him, and decided to continue the flow into our yard. To the right of the impatiens are six drawf boxwoods. Hubby loves the smell of boxwoods. They look tiny right now, but it will grow to two feet or so. I won't let it grow too big that it covers the lower fountain area.


Next year, the above area will be convered to a perennial plant call creeping phlox. Eventually it will look like a waterfall.

More Celosia

Oriental Lilies still in the pots
The Oriental Lilies, unlike it's counterpart, Asiatic Lilies, gives a wonderful fragrant when it is blooming. We plan to buy more bulbs in the fall, creating an Oriental Lily section.

Behind the Oriental Lilies is an outside fire place stone structure that the dentist built. As the story goes, the dentist used it only once while he lived in the house. When he used the fire place, a neighbor a block away, called the fire department saying that there was smoke and a fire in the neighborhood. So the fire fighters came, and that was the last time he used it. I doubt anyone else has used the fire place. We're too scared to start a fire in there too, maybe one day when we're more adventurous.

Currently, I am trying to figure out bulbs to plant in the fall for spring blooming. On my list so far are tulips and Hyacinth. The next garden update will most likely be in the spring when things are blooming.

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p00lriah. said...

ah, the joys of home ownership...

Quilt+Bitch said...

Yes, the joy of home ownership and the money pit.