Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Good Samaritan My A**

February 7 2012,

Tonight I had car trouble, I parked the car in the pick-up / drop-off zone waiting for somebody. I was 1/2 an hour early. I turned the car off, and left the radio on. Twenty five minutes later, the radio turned off.

I turned the ignition and it went click, click, click, click. Crap. Again, it went click, click, click. It wouldn't start.

I got on the phone and called hubby. He asked me to check the trunk for the jumper cable. No jumper cable. Double crap. We ALWAYS have jumper cable. But since we have a leak in the trunk, we had to empty the trunk and take everything out to figure where the leak is (that's another story).

We've helped so many people with our handy dandy jumper cable, and here I was stranded without the jumper cable when I needed it most (Murphy's law).

Continuing with the story.

Since we only have one car, hubby had to go to one of our neighbor and borrow their car.

So the person I was waiting for finally showed up. I asked this somebody whether he had jumper cables in his car, and he said no. Triple crap. So I waited for hubby.

In the mean time, I propped up my hood just in case some Good Samaritan decided to stop and ask me if I needed help. Twenty five minutes into waiting in the cold, a van slowed down and peered into the window and drove off slowly. Forty minutes later, hubby showed up with our neighbor's car. Propped up the hood and connected the jumper cable, and voila, the car started.

First thing tomorrow morning, if the car starts, I am getting a new battery. If it doesn't, we'll be bothering one of our neighbor's again for a jump start. Believe it or not, two weeks ago, I just had the car in the dealership for a complete check, guess that $600 worth of work did not pay off.

The moral to this story is, if you can help somebody, please help.

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