Thursday, December 6, 2012

Presents Galore

December 6 2012,

I celebrated a birthday right after Thanksgiving. Below are my birthday presents. These purchases were large items, so they will also be considered as Christmas presents too. We purchased a seocndary stove for the kitchen, an electric slide in stove to replace the hole we had in the kitchen. Our other gas stove was originally in this hole, but due to feng shui reason was moved to the other side of the kitchen. Instead of buying cabinets and granite, another stove was more useful. Now we have three stoves in the house, two in the main kitchen, and one downstairs.

Below is a table saw that I got from my brother-in-law's family. Yes, I wanted a table saw.

After looking and doing a bunch of research, we upgraded from the one above to the one below.

After spending two afternoons trying to figure out how to assemble this thing, we now have a table saw. We are proud to say that we have no left over parts, and the table saw works.
All I have to do now is learn how to use this thing. Yes, I will be very careful and try not to lose any fingers.
As an extra surprise, I received this special mug from OMGWTF. It says, "You Make My Day When You GO AWAY." A piece of art isn't it? Thanks OMGWTF.

Off to finishing the headboard.
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p00lriah said...

man cool stuff.

omgwtf said...

sarcastic coffee is twice as invigorating ;)