Monday, December 3, 2012


December 3 2012,

Thinking is a very dangerous thing. So I have been sewing wine bags for the holiday as gifts. It is very tedious and does not require a lot of brain cells, thus I have a lot of time to think. Most of the time I think about how to expedite or streamline the process or about life.

While making wine bags for this holiday season, I found myself making a check list. Email this person, email that person, take picture of this, do this and that. So what usually happens is I would sew for 10 minutes and then stop and go down my check list. Note that these are mental check lists. Once I do them, I would continue sewing.

So that is what life is like right now. Life is full of check lists and to-do's.

Below are a few wine bags that I have created from my latest fabric shopping spree.


Below are a few that I created last year.

Now that I have a total of 90 wine bags, let the gift giving begin.

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Anonymous said...


p00lriah said...

that's a lot of wine bags. and a lot of wine.

Quilt+Bitch said...

Well, when we give the wine bag as a gift, we don't actually put wine in it. So somebody may get 6 - 8 wine bags as a gift. This gift keeps on giving for it is pass from one person to the next. But wait, there's more! Not only does is it a wine bag, it can also be a gift bag that does not end up in the land fill... it's too pretty. Now I sound like an infomercial...