Saturday, March 23, 2013


March 23 2013,

Friends of ours are moving to Texas, and that sucks. They are moving because they can get a bigger bang for their buck in Texas. She is able to work from home and he is also working from home. So, they made a decision to pack up and move.

It's selfish of me to get upset, but I am.

I will miss borrowing their SUV's for running errands and having him over to play pool every weekend with hubby, and having them at our dinner parties. We've only known each other for three years, but those three years were good years.

I remembered when we first met him. It was at the pool hall and he was playing alone. Him and his testosterone. We finally found out why he was always hyper active, it was because he would drink his 5-hour energy drink before playing pool. His wife would occassionally join him to check the scene out. We finally invited him to join our round robin group when we saw him. Our friendship grew. When we got the pool table in the house, he was around most weekends playing. Even when hubby was not home, he would swing by and play pool by himself in the basement. Because he loved Mellow Yellow, we stocked our fridge with it and made sure there was a bag of Dorritos for him.

Now we still have cans of Mellow Yellow. Eventually someone will drink it, but it won't be restocked.

The feeling of emptiness will eventually go fade away, but for now, it sucks.

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