Monday, March 11, 2013

Falling In Love Progress + A Bitching Session

March 11 2013,

This past weekend I have been focusing on working on the Falling In Love Quilt.You can see the full layout of the quilt pieces here.

Below is how many more columns I have to do. I should be done with this by Wednesday. On Wednesday I will start the back for this quilt.

Below is my sewing area. I have yet to find a place in the house to station myself to sew. For now, the breakfast counter works. Please pardon the apperance, because dining room is still under construction.

I have been writing about the two MIA (Missing in Action) Hummingbird quilts, they are still missing. After much pestering from me, I got an email from the long arm quilter lady dated January 2, 2012 that said the following: "I had to take some time off to attend to a serious family illness. I'm back to work and will have your quilts done by the end of the month. Will that work for you?"

It's March 11th 2013 now - still no response from her. I have sent her three emails and four voice mails. I am about to drive up to her place and just demand it back. I have another quilter in line ready to accept these two quilts. Damn, this lady is so hard to get a hold of. The picture below is the piece of paper that she handed to me when I dropped off the quilts. Note that it did say "End of Nov." Maybe she assumed it was for End of November 2013?

Quilt & Bitch


tooznie said...

I had the same problem with a quilter, I waited and waited, when I finally got a hold of her she said she was going to another country for a year, and did I want to pick the quilt up... Of course I did. I then took it to another quilter who completely wrecked the backing and obliterated the quilt from ever being able to be a competition entry. It's disappointing when people let you down like that. Good luck!

Quilt+Bitch said...

Hi Tooznie - thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about what happened to your quilt. The hard work that you put into your quilt and to have someone wreck it is just not fair. We'll see what happens with these two quilts. Fingers crossed and toes crossed.

p00lriah said...

get your quilts back. she will never finish them.

Quilt+Bitch said...

Unfortunately when she finally got in touch with me, she was well into the first quilt. I cannot yank it back while she is in the middle of it. Unfortunately, because these two quilts are a pair, because she has started on the first quilt, the second one needs to be done by her. She said that I'll get it back with plenty of time for the April 1st deadline. Um...