Monday, August 19, 2013

Sneak Peak Show + Tell :: Midnight Glow

August 19 2013,

Here is a sneak peak of my next quilt called "Midnight Glow". Note that the name may or may not change.

This quilt is a sister quilt to "Falling in Love". Falling in Love contains all the colors of the rainbow, and this one is the exact opposite, and contains mostly blacks and grays and a little bit of blue. I had misjudged the blue for a gray, and decided to use it anyway.

Note that the pictures look more blue than gray, they are suppose to be gray (lighting issues).

Below is where I started. All the little pieces were in a box tucked away ready to be laid out. I did not get to it because the living room had another project on it that got moved down to be basement yesterday, stay tuned for it's debut once it is fitted into the proper place.


5 hours later... it all came together. The quilt will be wider than longer. So turn the quilt 90 degrees counter clockwise and you'll get the picture.

Ta dah. Now give me another 6 months to get it all sewn together, quilted and binded.
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