Friday, July 11, 2014

Show + Tell :: A Wedding Quilt

July 11 2014,

I just shipped out a quilt this afternoon. This quilt is for our friends who moved to Osh Kosh, Wisconsin from Cambridge, MA.

This quilt measures approximately 84" x 84". This is not a bed quilt, but a "lap" or couch quilt. The reason why I made it so big was because the guy is 6' 4" or taller - and I wanted to make sure he was able to fit his long lanky legs under the quilt while he snuggles with his honey.

Below is the back of the quilt. On the left side is a fabric that has pool balls. He is a pool player, so I thought it to be appropriate. From afar, doesn't it look like peanut MM's? On the upper right hand side are the left over fabrics from the front of the quilt.

Back of Quilt

Detail of Back of Quilt

I would like to thank our next door neighbor for lending her trees and front lawn so that we can take pictures of the quilt. Her trees are situated in the perfect spot so that we can hang the quilt with the proper outdoor lighting.

Quilt & Bitch

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