Friday, October 24, 2014

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October 24 2014,

Title: From the Inside Looking Out
Dimension: 70" x 70"
Materials: Front - Batik cotton fabric
Materials: Back - Robert Kaufman Solid Kona Cotton
Quilted by: Timna Tarr
Shown At: 2014 Asheville Quilt Show, Asheville, NC

This is the sister quilt to "From the Outside Looking In". Please read the write-up for that in order to get a better sense of this quilt.

The front of the second quilt, “From the Inside Looking Out” is the opposite of it's sister quilt. Here we have the the front of the quilt from the viewpoint of an Amish person looking into the English world.

Front of quilt

Back of Quilt

Detail of front of quilt

Detail of back of quilt

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Sherri @ said...

lovely quilting and beautiful colors!

carol fun said...

Wonderful quilt! The colors are amazing - I'm very fond of yellow and you did a great job melding so many colors and tones. Beautiful quilting! Bravo!

Kat said...

Wow, I love the controlled scrappiness on the front. Great colors!

tubakk said...

I love the colours. Your quilt is really beautiful.

Norma Schlager said...

Wow! This is terrific. I love the quilting design and the way it shows up as random on the scrappy side. Two great quilts in one. Was it hard to quit thru all those seams? Did you do it on a long arm?

Margaret said...

I saw your quilt yesterday at the Gathering wasn't the best this year IMHO, but that is life-